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    Which in your opinion is the best manufacturer in face wash/cleansers, pre-shave, exfoliators etc from ClarinsMen, Lancome, Clinique and Anthony Logistics?. They all sound similar and expensive if I buy something that ends up not doing the job properly?. Thanks

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    Trotters, no one seems to have answered you, hope you got something from some of the other threads on the grooming board. For what its worth, from your list I would go with Anthony Logistics, but also consider Nickel and Phytomer Homme. But first get someone to analyse your skin for you (can get it easily done at the cosmetics counter of a dept store) and then pick the right products for your skin. You may end up using products from different lines to suit your skin's needs.

    In terms of shaving, I wouldn't really use the products from the lines you mention. I'd go with products from dedicated shaving product makers like e Shave or Trumper, they are the best in my opinion.

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    I second Kiehls!


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    Very late to this party, sorry. In case you are still watching posts to this, I would highly recommend John Allan's products. I don't if you have seen them around, or live in a big Metro area, but his stuff is fairly accessible these days in department stores, and it is wonderful. I have a lot of allegies and some supposed high quality stuff turns my face red. John's is very good and does not cause me to break out or have some kind of reaction. Would suggest you give it a try.

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    Kiehl's is all that I use. I do like Morning After Rescue Gel by Nickel however.

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    The thing about this question is it's largely a marketing mirage. Mostly when a cosmetics company unveils a mens grooming or anti-aging line it's the same recipe as the womens line with a higher price tag and in lower concentrations. Usually the newest regimens hit the womens counter long before the mens line. is a great site for reviews of skin car eproducts from an industry insider who actually looks at the chemistry of the products.
    Most of the high end metro-man lines have very little going for them that you can't get for much less at the drugstore or cosmetics counter.
    The real difference is whether you and your skin prefer a phyto/vitamin, protein or hydroxin based regimen. This varies by person and there are pluses and minuses for each.
    There are popular brands and kiehls is mentioned often. I have a big problem with kiehls because it is such a marketing machine and there aren't many clothes on the emperor. It's a self proclaimed pure phyto regimen that contains a generous helping of tire grade petrochemicals which I find disengenuous. In addition their r&d is sadly lacking in innovation even in comparison to drugstore brands like olay.
    My rant being over, the only real difference between a good regimen for a man and a woman is toner. It's helpful for women but essential for a man. Because most men shave often a man's skin is much more irritated than a woman's. the top layer becomes abraded and creates oxidation in the lipid layer which is your best defense against wrinkles and environmental damage. A good toner, under no circumstances use one that is alcohol based, with a salycilic acid base will clean soothe and heal abraded skin layers. paired with a good moisturizer this can undo almost all the damage you do to your skin. Also be very careful which shaving lotion you use. many of them raise hair by irritating your skin and do more damage than they are worth. Nutregena makes a great cream that is non-abrasive.
    Good advice is just ask your girlfriends what they use. They likely will have put a lot of time into choosing a product that combines the best performance with the best price. expensive doesn't always mean better. I went from a very expensive cream to regular drugstore olay regenerist and have had immediate and longterm improvement in my skin.

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