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    Default HUGE PORES

    OK...I don't have bad acne and overall, my skin is pretty healthy. But I have enormous pores on my chest and shoulder area that seem to suck up all kinds of oil and dirt . I've tried scrubs, oil free washes and moisturizers, brushes with rough bristles, etc, but the pores just don't clear out or shrink. Is there some kind of magic product that I don't know about yet that can help me?
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    As I understand it this is not something that is short term fixable.. you really have to put some long term effort and wait for the effects to show up. As it was explained to me ... if you can keep the pores clean the eventually shrink as they are not constantly being stretched open by dead skin/dirt/etc.

    Mostly it's a combination of cleaning the areas with large pores a couple (2-3) times a day with at least one of those being a mild exfoliation pass. And every few (possibly evey other) days hitting the area with a stronger exfoliation.

    You can help keep them somewhat cleaner during the day by using an astrignet/toner after you clean to shrink the pores temporarily.

    Sugar scrubs and the like for mild.
    Chemical (Glycolic Acid,Urea,Salicylic Acid)

    Might consider also changing to a non-soap/beauty bar in the was...

    Given the size of the area you are talking about.. maybe witch hazel as an astrignet.
    Probably the best bet for the money on that scale.


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    I suggest all of the Neutrogena Pore Refining products: the fine grained scrub, the toner & the pore reducing lotion. Once per day for sensitive skin, morning & night for more resilient skin types. If you're diligent about it daily, you will see much improved, tighter pores, believe me. During the day, wipe down the t-zone with Dickinson's witch hazel
    I noticed a vast improvement over one week last summer.

    Joey New York (avail at Sephora) also has a pore shrinking product that's pretty good for the fae. But I feel that the Neutrogena products give better results at a more reasonable price, and you can use them on your back, neck & shoulders as well. For products that contain salicyc acid, they are amazingly gentle to the skin.

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    In addition to the answers above, you may want to try to use a steamroom. If you don't have access, check out area gyms. Some have a free week trial.

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    I actually use Neutrogena scrubs for my face and love them...i'll have to start focusing on the chest with them. Also, something else just occured to me...does anyone think spraying cologne on the chest has an effect on the pores? I would imagine so, since there's a lot of oil there, but there else would i spray?? I've always sprayed the chest! Maybe my stomach :-?
    Anyway, I've been in steam rooms (i don't have access to one right now, but i used to) and i don't recall it making much of a difference. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Default Re: HUGE PORES

    I don't know if you have access to a spa, or if you'd be willing to try this at home, but consider a mud or body mask. Women use masks on their faces all the time to clean out and reduce pore size (especially considering all of the skin products and makeup we use that can clog our pores). Do you wear a lot of suncreen on your chest? This can clog pores too, so if you think this is the problem, consider another brand or formulation.

    It's best to clean the area first, then soften and steam the pores (and their contents), before applying the mask. You have to let it dry on you, and then wash/scrub it off - you can use the shower. Some masks peel off, but I have no idea if they'd remove chest hair so you might want to nix that type of product.

    Anyway, if this sounds like a hassle, try booking an appointment with a spa and let them do it and see if you like the results.

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    well you can always use an oatmeal-based mask to reduce your pores and keep the oil out if nothing else works. why don't you do one at home? just use regular oat flakes and add water and mix until it becomes a paste and then apply on your skin until it dries out, then rinse. It's supposed to the the non-plus ultra of pore-reducin treatments!!.

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    I tried masks once a long time ago when I was a teenager. I bought one that was the peel-off kind, and I also bought one that was the wash-off kind. I remember that they did nothing for my skin. However, they were a fairly cheap brand and they might not have been formulated for my sensitive oily skin at the time. I was just considering buying some more (of a different brand), but when I started using this new aftershave/balm my complexion cleared up nicely. Totally unexpected. It was Nivea, btw.

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