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    Default Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Neutrogena Skin Clearing Shave Cream (with salicylic acid) to be specific.

    No contest. Tend Skin wins hands down for lubrication qualities. I really wanted to like this shave cream. It's cheaper than Tend Skin and I like the idea of it containing *salicylic acid. But I could tell as soon as I put it on my face that it wasn't going to be as lubricating as Tend Skin. I gave it a shot anyway. Started on my neck, with a fresh blade in my Merkur DE....and I ended up with all kinds of nicks! My skin felt dry compared to when I use Tend Skin. All other factors were the same. Shaving in a hot shower; my face had been wet with warm water for a couple minutes before I applied the shave cream.

    Should I try other shave creams? Are the higher-priced designer shave creams significantly better - as in better lubricating than dept./drugstore brands?


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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    What exactly is this Tend Skin product? I'm only familiar with the little blue bottle of clear liquid. It seems like an aftershave kind of thing.
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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    The Tendskin product I know about is called AirShave (, and it, too, comes in a blue bottle with a dispenser top. It is a clear blue gel that you spread over your face before shaving. I found it to be very lubricating, but somehow I never could get a good shave with it.

    I've given away 3 bottles of it .... but I use the Tendskin "after shave" product, which IMHO is more like burn medicine, whenever I incur razor burn.

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Quote Originally Posted by vontech
    The Tendskin product I know about is called AirShave (
    Sorry about that. I really should have been more clear about the product I was referring too.

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Are you looking for a gel or a cream? I use Zirh shave gel (tube) and really like it. It's a little more expensive than TendSkin if you get the tub. Some people like creams better. If you like lather, have you tried a badger brush and a cream like Nancy Boy or Taylor?
    There's no perfect shave gel/cream for everyone, so if you're not completely happy, keep trying.

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Quote Originally Posted by Propaganda13
    Are you looking for a gel or a cream?
    I prefer to be able to see where I'm shaving but this is not an absolute requirement.

    Given the above, I am more easily persuaded to try a non-foaming gel or cream than a foaming cream, gel, or soap. However, I am mostly interested in the lubrication qualities. Nothing I have encountered, including shave oils, has been more slippery than the Tend Skin Air Shave Gel.

    Have you ever broken open the leaf (i'm not sure it's really referred to as a "leaf&quot of an aloe vera plant and felt its "juice" between your fingers? It is extremely slimy and slick. This is very close to the consistency and slickness of the TS Shave Gel.

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Yeah, we used to have aloe plants around the house. I know Zirh shave gel has aloe in it and I think it works pretty nice. I've never tried Tendskin so I can't compare. Maybe I'll have to give Tendskin a try next time I buy since I think I'm a gel convert and will be sticking with it. Gels just seem cleaner and easier. If you find something you like better than Tendskin, drop me a PM.

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    Take SPEICK shaving creme!

    That's quality never known before.

    No joke!

    Try it und you will be happy!

    Have a look: *
    and there under "Product Range" - scroll to near to the end of this page >>> Speick Shaving Care ...!

    I think it's available because there are an distrubutor in USA with free phone number.

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    Default The role of salicylic acid

    I'm a bit doubtful about the effectiveness of salicylic acid in a shaving product. Salicylic acid is only really effective when left on the skin, but there are few shaving product that are okay to NOT thoroughly rinse off. So the s.a. wouldn't have much opportunity to do its thing, and if s.a. is a main selling point (i.e. somehow accounts for the higher cost), it just doesn't make sense in a shaving cream. It seems better to find a shaving product that is very pleasant to use, then rinse well and apply Tend Skin lotion. I've never used this product after shaving, but it is great after waxing, for reducing redness and preventing ingrowing hairs.

    For the record, the best shaving advice I ever got was from a man: Get the hair wet with hot water, let the hair soak it up for about 5 minutes, apply a thin layer of baby lotion (yep, no kidding) and rins the blade under cold water.
    I get the nicest results from this If it had existed when he told me this, he probably would have added "then, smooth on some Tend Skin lotion".

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    Default Re: Neutrogena Shave Cream vs. Tend Skin

    I would recommend the products form "Art of Shaving"

    I have been using this cream for the past 6 months, and really helped me in shaving. For me it works becuase it lubricates the skin and leave it feeling good. It also depends on what razor you use for shaving.
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