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    Default How bottle design affects us

    how much do you think the bottle design of a fragrance affects our perception and decision to buy? Although I love all of the different bottle designs, and proudly display them, I find myself wishing that I didn't get to see the bottle before I made the decision to buy. Sometimes I'll really like a fragrance's bottle (or whole marketing campaign, for that matter), and end up "wanting" to like it before I even smell it. Now, if I plain just don't like the smell, I wont buy it, regardless of how cool the bottle is. But I think I must admit that there are things other than the fragrance itself that persuade me to buy. I think I even bought Higher Energy (which by the way I really ended up loving), simply because I liked the name and liked what it suggested or implied. How shallow am I?
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    Default Re: How bottle design affects us

    ["How shallow am I?"]
    No more than I my friend. Presentation is part of the package, much as we could wish otherwise.
    I have alot of fun with trades and sometimes do blind swaps just to see whats out there. In particular was this Cerutti 1881 Amber I received. Nice scent, peculiar package. It had this groovy icy glassine bottle that looked like ice sculpture with 1881 sculpted into it, along with a space age jetson cartoon style cap. Couldnt get into it so I gave it to an old guy whos a friend of mine, he loved it!

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    Default Re: How bottle design affects us

    Maybe you start getting decants from the basenotes family. That way you never see the bottle and really get to test it out. I really get dissapointed in bottle designs and don't try them out but I would buy anything that smells good enough to buy. Bvlgari Aqua has an annoying shape to it and I don't even want to try it. My friend ended up buying it and I still can't tell you what it smells like because I don't want to smell it. I'm being prejudice against bottles but that is something I can't help I guess.

    The bottle is part of the cologne. They understand that when they make them to try to appeal to consumers and sell what people want to buy. I still find so many outrageuos bottles and I would rather just get simple bottles and sprayers like Gucci pH that are beautiful anyway. Lolita Lempicka has a cool bottle but it isn't a normal sprayer. It still works more than efficiently and smells great but sometimes those outrageous ideas don't work and you get weird bottles and don't want anything to do with them.

    I, personally, would rather just a few (maybe 20-30) different designs that are basic and still elegant and nice to spray. ie. SMN, Gucci pH, SL, Creed, Xeryus Rouge.... There are so many that would work. I hope they figure out that I don't want to pay $15 extra for some extravagant bottle design. I just care about the juice in a simple, yet nice bottle...

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    Default Re: How bottle design affects us

    What's this got to do with male grooming?

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