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Thread: Where to buy?

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    Hi everyone.

    Just want to know if anyone could direct me to a good website for Men's skincare in Australia (if there are any Australians here). I try to find like some of the things I buy overseas when I am travelling. I know a few site here in Australia, but which one is the best and a good one to use?

    Does anyone have any experience from any of the websites in Australia?


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    Hi Kent34
    I live in Melb. Used an Australian e-bay a lot-had only one problem with dishonest seller. Paid 20 dollars for Diesel plus plus and never heard from him again. Well, I guess, you should allow for things like that even when you are not prepared for that. I reported to e-bay but the amount was too low for them to be bothered. I found a few good sellers, and a place called Ludlows in Melb that sells a range of Trumpers stuff. I use Crabtree and Evelyn in shopping centres to buy some shaving soap, the Shaver Shop for badger brushes and My Chemist to buy a parfume samples.
    But it's mainly an e-bay so far.
    Where abouts are you mate?

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    Hi Alex!

    Thanks for your reply. I live in Sydney. I know about Ludlows and I have been there to get Trumper when I have been in Melbourne, it is a little bit strange shop, but as long as you get what you are after it does not matter where you buy it.

    I have also looked at ebay, but because a first time purchase did not go well with many months delay in delivery, I wanted to know if anyone had used any of the dedicated websited for men.

    I have done my research today. I see there are a few websited dedicated to men's grooming needs around in Australia. I searched for Trumper and eShave, which is my second line I am usin, and I found that it is actually a websites that sell those brands here in Australia.
    The website is called,, so my next question would be. Has anyone had any experience with this site ( which seems really new), or any other Australian website?


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