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    Default EXFOLIATE THIS! Or The rocket science of shaving.

    Ok, I just got a facial--hadn't had one for a long time , since what's her name moved out on me, and yes, I look 5 years younger.

    (I'd say ten , *but why push it ?)

    The nice Asian lady at the salon, whose English I couldn't understand--could have sworn she said $25 which was dirt cheap, turned out to be $45--didn't mind, tipped her with relief. *Hell if they only charged $25 for a facial, they'd probably perform surgery or teeth pulling in the back room, anyway she said to have a facial once a mo. *Fair enough.

    The thing is, I'm having a bit too much info overload in this site---or perhaps it's jargon, and can't make head or tails of it-----apparently gone are the days when I could get away with Casswell Masey Almonds or Jack Black gel and not give clogged pores *a thought.

    From reading the boards, I need a face wash daily instead of soap, but it musn't have--Oh I forgot, what?

    Then I need a gel that has some kind of aspirin like acid but not citrus in order to shave

    (I'm sure I'm getting this all wrong)

    But before this I need a face scrub--or is it after?

    And then I need a tonic (wish it were gin and tonic) or perhaps a balm to soothe the iritation but it can't hava alcohol--and I forget what else

    And an astringent anti clog pore moisturizer (or are those two dfferent things? )

    And then I'm off to work . . .


    I need to know, just what you gentlemen actually do.

    For starters, should I give up getting the Trumper's because it's a soap and go withone of those scientific gels to shave?

    And then i keep my ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores at bay by . . .?

    Ok, guys , HELP ME OUT HERE , WOULD YOU??

    Too much for the male brain on a Sunday to ponder before next Saturday's date,

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    Default Re: EXFOLIATE THIS! Or The rocket science of shavi

    Mario, your posts are always so entertaining...I`m quite sure I`m not the only one who thinks this way. ;D ;D

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    Default Re: EXFOLIATE THIS! Or The rocket science of shavi

    My 13 year old shaved for the very first time last week. He now is the proud owner of a Gilette M3 Power razor. I got him Neutrogena Men shave cream with salicylic acid. IMO, treatment cleansers are a rip. They just don't stay on long enough to make a difference.
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    Default Re: EXFOLIATE THIS! Or The rocket science of shavi

    Well, I'm not exactly sure what a facial is, but the rest of what you describe is a face care regime.

    The best face care regime I ever tried was the Lab Series one. There's a lot less steps in it than in other ones, like the Clinique one, for superior results. But it is pretty expensive. They all have little handouts or web site articles describing their regimes, and it is worth reading them.

    Going down the list, the Nivea for Men regime is pretty good - I'd say achieving 85 to 90% of what the Lab Series one does at a fraction of the price. But there's nothing stopping you from using the cheaper ones with one item you find most useful from the expensive ones (e.g. I always thought the Lab Series Face Scrub felt better than all the other ones I tried).

    I don't use a wet blade because it takes me three days for the red soreness and rash to disappear, despite having tried every gel I could lay my hands on.
    I posted here about it several years ago. Ali recommended Trumpers Shaving Cream as the best soap for shaving, bar none. So I spent $30 on a tube of it. And it was the best I ever came across - it only took a day for my face to recover instead of three (which is why I'm still sticking to electric).

    Thus I'd be very wary of giving up Trumpers if I were you.

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