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    IS there a point of using shower gel... won't it go awkwardly with the fragrance I'm wearing? How long do most shower gels last? Can you only smell them when you're next to someone naked?

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    I got a good Ebay deal on a bottle of Mugler shower gel. Per many Basenoters, the Mugler line of accessory products are excellent and enhance the cologne when used together. I'm hoping that I won't have to be naked in order for the positive effects of the shower gel to become apparent.
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    Some shower gels go with the fragrance. For example, I have Eau Sauvage shower gel, M7, Sung Homme, Fahrenheit, Body Kouros, and Versace L'homme. Whether they actually help extend the life of a frag is a question I'm not sure I can answer. It may be a nice way to begin (or end) a day, with the fragrance in the shower/bath.

    Note that some gels don't really seem to match up exactly with the fragrance. In fact, the M7 gel (per their website) has a ginger note. I don't think M7 EDT has a ginger note in it. I used to have Z-14 gel, and it was pretty bad; I tossed it.

    I don't use commercial gels which have a strong fragrance... getting something like one of the Old Spice gels would probably clash with the fragrance I chose to wear.

    I do use something pretty mild - Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, just really smells like soap, not heavily fragranced. I also use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, it is a very fluid liquid, not a gel though. The Aloe Vera Dr. Bronner's is pretty neutral, but I have used the Dr. Bronner's Peppermint and it did not clash.
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    The point is that toward the end of your shower you get a sponge, apply a bit of gel to it, froth it up, get out of the shower spray or turn it off, apply the froth all over, then quickly get under the shower and rinse it off.

    The resultant scent hangs around for a fair while. Grant points out in his Basenotes FAQ, that as you get hotter later in the day, the skins pores releases more of the scent.

    You wouldn't use expensive designer shower gels in the same way that you would a cheap one, where it's a substitute for soap.

    A lady sales assistant explained all this to me when I asked the exact same question you did. And later I read similar at Basenotes.

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