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    Default help and advice needed

    could really do with some good advice, I spend all day welding and grinding metal. My skin gets dry from the heat and really dirty from the dust and fumes and is really suffering, also get the occasional burn from the intense light from the welding.
    At the moment I a dove cream soap and a moisturiser but these are not coping
    any advice would be greatly appreiciated
    thank you

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    Default Re: help and advice needed


    Well, as long as you are enjoying you job; I see the side-effects as something we can deal with!

    My first piece of advice is rather simple. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with a moisturising face wash, and something that light and simple (I recommend 'Jurlique for Men' products). Once finished, moisturise your face well. Use a product that is light, water-y, and hydrating.

    Secondly, I would also recommend you exfoliate when you shower; it helps get rid of dead skin. Also, if possible, use a shower brush when washing; it also helps with getting rid of dead skin.

    Also, drink a lot of helps with hydrating the skin and body. Since you work in a relatively 'hot' enviroment, you get very dehyrated easily!

    Lastly, go see your GP. He/she will have advice about how to solve your problem.

    Hope this has helped!

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    Default Re: help and advice needed

    One of the best and cheapest creams (and healing too) is Nivea Cream.

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    Default Re: help and advice needed

    I'd like to add that in the Nivea for Men's range they have some very good products, too. A very mild one is the Face Cream for sensitive skin. Good and inexpensive.

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