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    Default Jawline-beard - "Beard-shaper"..good/bad??

    How do you make super-thin beardlines like this:

    Is it just a matter of skills?....I tried doing it with me DE shaver but it seems difficult...and also I cant see any of the results / my stubbles while shaving because of the shaving cream......

    I can't make super precise lines with my electric shaver either.......because it's a philishaver and their heads are sort of big and triangular..making it difficult...

    I have consideret getting a beard shaper:

    ..........but i don't know if that can do the trick...

    Any suggestions???

    Thnx *

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    Default Re: Jawline-beard and thin stuff like that

    might i suggest you go to a pro the first time, just to make sure it comes out symmetrical and all that. then maintain it yourself. that shaper looks like it could do the trick.

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    Default Re: Jawline-beard and thin stuff like that

    Hmmm...never actually thought about going to a proffessional........might do that.........if I can't find one that shapes beards in my little town.........thnx for the tip liquid

    Anyone here who have tried an electric beards-shaper........pros / cons???

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    Default Re: Jawline-beard - "Beard-shaper"..good/bad??

    Try using shaving oil rather than cream or lather. You san see the outline easier. B2L

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