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    Default Facial hair dye success?

    Don't mind the grey on my head. but patchiness on goatee and mustache is problematic. Have been using Just for Men (somewhat easy five minute to do twice a week, and applying lightly to leave some grey to look more natural, but closest color is light briwn, which is too red). Because of bleaches in toothpastes along with face washing, sauna, steam, and pool swimming - it's not easy to hold onto the color. Would like to find a dark grey or better yet, a dk ash blonde/lt ash brown color if possible. *May try Bigen (Japanese - *metallic dye, I think) and apply it carefully, since *it can cause a an old-time"magician look" if you're *not careful. Ah, the vanity of it all! Any tried and true solutions? (already familiar with: shave it off; dye your head hair to match; deal with it; get a life...). Thanks! * *

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    Default Re: Facial hair dye success?

    I used to use plain ole hair dye, carefully mind u! My beard and moustche were and actaully still are in parts VERY pale! My moustache was completely white till I was in my late 20's!

    Don't know that I would recomend it though cause it could cause some alergies if your sensitve. Eyelash/brow dye can safely be used on a beard though.

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