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    Default Kenzo hermaphrodudes

    I was sent an advert for the woman's pefume Summer by Kenzo today and as a result, ended up on the Kenzo site, checking out the latest men's range. ( )

    I found myself quite liking the look of the clothes. They trend is toward feminine looking additions worn in a macho sort of way.

    I'm curious about other opinions on this trend.

    Here's a quote I found...

    "Variously called "mirls" - male girls - or "hermaphrodudes", they're not afraid to carry a manbag, wear feminine jewellery, spend a fortune on fashion....."

    Members of this board must have more of an appreciation of beauty, be more sensuist that the average bloke... is this trend toward machismo beauty a good thing?

    What do you think??

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    Default Re: Kenzo hermaphrodudes

    The actual term is 'Metrosexual'. I think it's a good thing. Something different from the 'dirty joe', macho cowboy image that was sooo last century...

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    Default Re: Kenzo hermaphrodudes

    Yes looks like another way to say 'metrosexual', which I think was a term coined for David Beckham by some journalist some time ago.

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