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Thread: Exfloiater?

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    Okay, from what I gathered from a few guides on men's face care, I've read:

    Cleaser(every day)--->Exfloitater------> Astringent/toner(every day)--> Eye cream---> Moisturizer

    All in that order roughly.....

    Now I have a question about exfloiater, how often should I use and does it go by any other names?

    I currently use a bar exfloiater and was looking through my local supermarket and found many cleanser/exfloiaters or just plain cleansers , and very few exfloitaters.....or at least products that said Exfloiater...

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    The frrequency of exfoliation varies according to the person, but the general recommendation is no more than every 2-3 days, and don't exfoliate acne skin. Sometimes exfoliaters are called scrubs.

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    Default Re: Exfloiater?

    Once a week should do the job.

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    I use kiehls fruit scrub in the shower, then the cucumber toner. I find that the moisturizer, kiehls, it too heavy and greasy so I use Aveda. My girlfriend works at a salon and the aveda stuff is cool.

    Once or twice a week is good. depends how much I am in the sun and out fishing or working in the outdoors.

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    I don't use exfoliator that frequently. I find that Clinique Clarifying Lotion n. 3 applied every day with a scrubby cotton towel does the exfoliating trick in a gentler way. It's great for oily skin and for skin renewal. It comes in various grades.

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