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    Default Best Skincare products in a grocery store?

    I"m 19 and I work in a one(osco drug), so I get a nice discount on this stuff so it's half off, basically name brand stuff , nothing really surpassing the $30 mark(olay stuff is expensive), and was wondering which is the best to get in terms of:

    Soap/body wash

    in a grocery store, mine is in a rich area so we seem to have nicer items in areas btw.

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    Default Re: Best Skincare products in a grocery store?

    Is L'Oreal available in your grocery store? If yes, some of their products are worth buying. The Exfotonic Body Peeling for example. Works miracles and is dirt cheap compared to Biotherm (another L'Oreal brand). I've heard good things about their mens range as well, although I haven't yet tried the products.

    For Soap and Body Wash I tend to buy Axe in the summer (for refreshment) and Dove in the winter (for my dry skin).

    Neutrogena skin care products are quite good and you can't really go wrong with Nivea products (I don't know about the availability).

    I haven't yet found a thoroughly satisfying cheap deodorant. Personally, I prefer Clarins Men or a mineral deodorant stone, but Rexona deodorants are not bad, especially when considering the price.

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    Default Re: Best Skincare products in a grocery store?

    I agree on L'Oreal. They made a wonderful and cheap body exfoliator which came in a green plastic vase. Great citrus scent and it did work. This should be in production still (although I'm afraid I cannot recall the name). Also by L'Oreal a good face scrub gel, very delicate yet effective, called Lumi-Revele - but alas I believe it has been discontinued.

    Breeze (by Diana de Silva) is the best budget deodorant I've come across. The spray version in the white/light blue flacon works much better that Dove. Don't know about the availability though.

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