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    Default AESOP Shaving Treatment - WOWOWOW!

    Sarj from down under sent me a sample of AESOP Orange Blossom and Patchouli Shaving Treatment and it goes on a slick, clear lubricant and then washes off leaving the skin incredibly moisturized. Didn't even need an A/S moisturizer! The scent is nothing to write home about - not fragrant in the least, just herbal, and the patchouli was quite tame! It's a hard one to find and a little pricey, but this has got to be one of the best shaving "treatments" I've used - if you can find a sample, give it a try!


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    Default Re: AESOP Shaving Treatment - WOWOWOW!

    Yes the Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum is fantastic but it's not a very traditional product in terms of usage; many men like to put tons of cream on before shaving. I like it because the ingredients are 100% natural and it doesn't leave my face dry. The product is not really fragranced except for a few essential oils, but I think it smells really good for what they put in it.

    Not many know about the Aesop line even though it is huge in South East Asia, UK etc. I use many of their products and the prices locally in Australia are not as ridiculous as the prices I see online so it's great news for me. The concept store they opened in Melbourne last year is superb.

    Here's their website if anyone is interested:

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