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    Default tips for hair stylist?


    What would be an appropriate gratuity for a hair stylist? I am referring to a stylist who works at a full service salon, not someboey who works at Supercut or a "chop" shop.

    thanks in advance for your info,

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    Default Re: tips for hair stylist?

    It really depends.
    How well do you know your stylist, how much time he personally spends on you, how well you like the job, etc...

    I have a friend who's a stylist and the gratuity from his clients range from $10 to $100... a simple blowdry is not the same as hair extensions.

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    Default Re: tips for hair stylist?

    I tip my stylist $10 for haircuts, $20 when its cut and color, $40 when its close to Christmas.

    Basically I try to keep it close to 20% of the cost of the service, except for the Christmas one which is of course just a little extra since I love the holidays and feel more generous that time of year than any other.

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    Default Re: tips for hair stylist?

    I'll agree with Kevin. I finally, I think, found a stylist that I truly like and does a good job on me (this after trying 8 to 10 different ones over the past few years). Too many feel like they rush you out the door and do a halfassed job. If it's a haircut, I tip around $10 to $15. If I'm getting it straightened like I have to every 3 or 4 months, then it's around $20 to $30. Depending on how much I enjoy the conversation that day

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