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    Default Aubrey Organics Products

    Hey everyone, my first post here, attempting to learn how to better take care of my face. anyways..

    I've been reading all the various products that you all have tried and recommend. I am still sifting through in hopes of forming my own regimen. In doing so i came across this one company-- Aubrey Organics. They sell a range of skin care products, some esprecially for men, and these products emphasize Ginseng. has anyone tried these products or have any experience with Ginseng enhanced products? i'm curious about whether Aubrey Organics is a fine line, or if Ginseng is actually a sound ingredient and not just a gimmick.

    Their webpage with these ginseng products is here :

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    Aubrey is an excellent line with reasonable prices. Just pick up any one of the products and read the ingredients: almost all organic and nothing synthetic. I especially like the toners, because they are so affordable (and I go through toner like there's no tomorrow). I also use the cleansing lotions. You can find great prices on the Aubrey range at SmartBomb:
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    There mens stock shaving products are great. I have dry/sensitive skin and bought the mens stock shaving cream by accident thinking it was aftershave balm. Well I tried it out shaving and have bough 4-5 bottles since. The shave cream seems to moisturize the skin after you finish shaving and rinse your face. Sometimes I dont bother with any after shave. Because of the shaving cream I bought the Aubrey mens stock after shave lotion. The lotion smells nice like a very light touch of cedar and pine. As for the rest of there products I found other natural brands face wash and shampoo to work better with my easily over dried/sensitive skin.
    My friends made out though from all the stuff I bought and tried, ha ha.


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