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    Default spots on my butt !

    am I allowed to write 'butt' ? or should I use the word "ass" or ....

    I'll stop right there

    my problem is that I get small red spots on my butt cheeks. kinda like little pimples but not whiteheads.

    I've tried applying a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel once a day but this stuff has bleached the colour out of too many pairs of coloured underpants (I get bored of wearing white ones)

    I've recently been using a 20% tea tree oil solution but I dont think this is helping much

    I've tried a variety of body washes and good quality soaps (usually soap free products)

    can someone share some advice for this ?

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    No offence, but those things come from sitting around on one's ass too much. Seriously.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Paint your arse red like a baboon's - no one will see the spots then.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_C
    Paint your arse red like a baboon's - no one will see the spots then.
    Aren't baboons' buttocks more of a fuchsia? Do baboons get spots on their buttocks, too? ???

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    I've read that red pimples on the butt are sometimes caused by irritations from clothing (or bed sheets). Non-cotton items or tight fitting cloths usually do this - has something to do with the clothing pulling on the tiny hairs.

    If you have whiteheads on them - that sometimes is a sign of high cholesterol.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Hi . . . whiteheads on buttocks can signal high cholesterol? Wow! What about blackheads?

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Sounds like you need a detox. cut down on the coffee and tea, animal products & junk food etc. Heck why not go all the way and do a liver flush followed by colonic irrigation.


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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    To Aztec:


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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    COULD be worse....english boarding schools serve a dessert called "spotted dick". only the english!


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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Hi daft,

    Have you switched brands of laundry detergent recently? I stay away from detergent with BLEACH, BRIGHTENERS, or other additives. We use good ol' plain TIDE. One time, we switched to TIDE w/Bleach and I developed the same problem! We switched back to good 0l' plain TIDE and the problem went away and never returned. I would also recommend using a EXFOLIATING bath wash. Believe it or not...I am having
    EXCELLENT results using WALMART's EQUATE which is a DOVE knock off! I have been using EQUATE for several months now and it works WONDERFULLY and is about 1/3 the price of DOVE. I also would recommend the other BN suggestions about prolong sitting and diet!
    I hope this helps.


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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    I think SixCats is on the right track. What you most likely have is a histimine reaction to the chemicals in your clothes meaning you probably need to switch laundry detergent to one of the following:

    -Ivory Snow


    -All Baby detergent (which is what I am using now)

    Also if you like downy, use the fragrance free downy (which is what I use)

    This should work but if not, concult a physician as it could be an internal problem. Best of Luck!

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    If we're talking detergents, the one that many dermatologists recommend, is ALL, Free & Clear. No perfumes, no dyes. I have used it for years. My pets cannot tolerate other detergents, either.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Go to a dermatologist or at least a GP. Hairy areas such as your buttocks can get ingrown hairs because you are sitting on them, and then develop boils. Anyway, go see a doctor, don't be shy, tell the doctor that you have a pain in the ass, literally.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    I say scratch the hell outta them and scar them over. You won't have a problem in those areas in the future. Plus, I read somewhere once that a good scratching is like a mini orgasm, so scratch and enjoy.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    I think you should use a felt tip pen to connect the dots. The result might be the next Da Vinci Code

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Is it possible that they are due to ingrown hairs?

    Or possibly blocked pores?

    Or maybe little areas of inflammation around a hair root?

    Try a gentle exfoliant and apply lavendar oil neat, I recommend lavandula augustifola

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    If you usually get them at around the end of winter or in spring, in the first instance, try applying a UV lamp on them, or try finding some secluded spot in your backyard for 15 minutes of sun. Don't get sunburnt though.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    ok my friend has these
    we went to the beach a couple of time during the same week and they gradually went away
    no chemicals or soaps or anything
    (he did go in the water and most likey had sand in his pants)
    so yeah maybe try visiting the beach ??

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Tend Skin works best, It's a great exfoliant and antiseptic.My dermatologist recommended it.

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Personally, I find a sneeze to be much more orgasmic than a scratch ... especially of you happen to have slight nasal congestion !

    Try this -

    1. The next time you have to scratch or sneeze -
    don't ! - then, see what happens !

    2. Leave those whiteheads and blackheads alone -
    you don't know where they've been !

    3. Stop looking at your butt in the mirror - the spots will
    disappear immediately !

    Hope this helps.


    (Favorite Quote Today

    "And we had fun, fun, fun !" - The Beach Boys

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    Powder your arse liberally with a corn starch based baby powder. If that doesnt help.........


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    Exclamation Re: spots on my butt !

    THIS IS CORRECT! Afew days ago, I noticed a bunch of little redish brown dotts on the cheeks of my butt. You can't pop them and they aren't bumps. They are like black heads but on your butt. I realized that I got them from sitting around too much and I know this for a fact because to be honest, I have been on my computer non stop because of the winter and its a bad habit I got into. I had no clue of how I got them until I had more showers, applied Lubriderm lotion, and got off my a**. By the way, just because I used Lubriderm, doesn't mean you have to use that brand, however it is new and is known for being reeeally good for the skin pleeeeease if you had the same problem as me, listen to what I just noted, it should work.

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    Post Re: spots on my butt !

    Post a pic.
    Don't panic. Just stay calm, and reload....

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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    These are all good suggestions:

    Use an exfoliant in the shower, dead skin can clog pores.

    Use an antiseptic soap, lavender is a natural one.

    Change your detergent.

    Cleanse your body *after* you shampoo your hair and use conditioner and think about changing hair care brands.

    Wear white 100% cotton underwear, better to be bored than have zits all over. Some clothing lines are using cheap fabrics and dyes in them now.

    Eat a healthy diet.

    Get off your *ss. Many people have been stuck indoors because of cold weather this winter.


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    Default Re: spots on my butt !

    If this is a longstanding problem, it may be a common, genetic skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. (If so you may have similar bumps on other parts of your body, like the backs of your arms.)

    There is lots of information online and even a discussion board for KP. It is manageable.

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