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    Good afternoon Vancouver thread! I will be back in town for a week in August. Are there any new hotspots or suggestions for fragrance that I should know about? Other than the usual suspects like Sephora of course.

    Looking forward to a small summer vacation back in my BC.
    "Whiff Guy" Argent

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    Default Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by nsamadi View Post
    Mr. Lee's General Store
    East Broadway
    If anyone is curious, this place is having a going out of business sale. No D.S. & Durga around, but they have a whole bunch Truefitt and Hill fragrances and products on sale.

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    Default Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    I just got back from Vancouver, it was the first time I had seen the expanded corner location of Sephora. Very impressive! The selection was admittedly not the greatest but compared to before it did have a heavier selection of new names.

    Sadly, even though Sears is closing and everything is on clearence, fragrances are NOT. I bought YSL L'Homme Libre anyways just because I wanted it so badly, but I'm still a little annoyed at that. There's going to be nothing but perfume left unless they can get out of that internal policy!

    All in all the trip was good and I had the chance to sample a lot more fragrances than I'm usually able to in my narrow local exposure to shopping. (Thank god for Robson) Surprisingly i ended up with Prada Amber, YSL L'Homme Libre, and Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs. The first Bang was a bit too much for me but I instantly fell in love with Bang Bang for some reason. I have yet to wrap my head around!

    Including my own purhcases I'm taking home a bottle of Aldo Red, one of the primary colours line by retail chain Aldo, which was a gift from my BFF in east van. I tried it at a pride week event and it was a hit. Not the best, but incredibly decent for a store brand.

    Anyways, definitely hit up Sephora. It isn't a superstore of fragrance but it's definitely got new names in rotation more frequently.

    Hope to be back very soon!
    "Whiff Guy" Argent

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    Default Re: Vancouver, B.C Canada

    Just wanted to add to list of shops.
    Roden Grey
    8 Water Street
    (604) 689-7302

    Masc Skincare
    433 Davie Street
    Vancouver, BC V6B 2G2
    (604) 688-4555

    Small collection of niche brands such as Nasomatto, Blood Concept and Carner. Though more of the lines of men's healthcare and grooming store. Good spot to check if your in Yaletown.

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