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    Default Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Aedes des Venustas

    please note: This shop also appears on the NEW YORK, NEW YORK thread.

    Aedes De Venustas
    9 Christopher Street
    New York, NY 10014

    fax: 212-206-8675

    1-888-AEDES15, Monday to Saturday, 12 pm-8 pm, Sunday- 1 pm- 7 pm EST.

    If you are not sure about a fragrance, sometimes it's best to try a sample first. You can order any seven fragrance samples listed in the samples section for a shipping and handling charge of $12.50.

    I last visited Aedes summer of 2003. I was looking specifically for MPG Vanille Gousse room spray (I use it as a fragrance). The shop was out-of-stock but had a 60% full tester. The salesman offered to make me a bag of samples (they will make samples of anything they have a tester of, and they ARE VERY GENEROUS). After some quick thinking, I offered to buy their tester at half the retail price...The salesman asked the manager (ok, so I say salesman and manager, but really they are a group of very friendly, very casual guys) who immediately agreed, especially after I explained that I was on vacation and visiting from Japan!

    The selection is excellent, though not everything is always in stock. The shop itself is comfortable and elegant, with beautiful chairs to relax in, and testers of almost everything they sell! The shop is located in the heart of the Village and near a subway station. They are usually the first to sell niche lines in the states and my number one source for new fragrances.

    Lines include Comptoir, MPG, Creed, Blu Mediterraneo, Rosine, Diptyque, L'Artisan, Villoresi, Patyka, Del Rae...
    One of my favorite shops in New York!


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    Default Re: Internet Sites


    Wonderful service, easy to use, free samples with your order, user reviews for every fragrance they list, and niche products only!  They have everything from Ginestet to Florascent, AromaM and Comme des Garcons!

    I last ordered from them in December, 2003


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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL


    This is one of my favorite sites because the owner is such a great lady!  

    Wonderful products, great samples, easy to use and superior service. Products range from Comptoir to a little bit of Creed to Jack Black and Napa Valley Fragrances - great place for niche!

    Purchased two fragrances from Beautycafe via Ebay summer of 2004 and the transaction and fragrances were PERFECT!


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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Luscious Cargo

    Ordering from this site is a not-to-be-missed experience.  The parcel  arrives packed, not with Styrofoam peanuts, but cedar wood shavings and a little  potpourri.  You can select five generous free samples with each order too.  Several of my orders have arrived with free gift wrap, even though I didn't specify that it was a gift, and often included extra samples, just because Marcy is so generous. Her fragrance desciption reflect her great wit and charm and the selection is mahhvelous.
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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Holzman & Stephanie Perfumes

    *Home* of the magnificent Misuki, as well as La Parisienne, Je T'aime, Fascination, and Tres Chic -- all in beautiful bottles (the eau de parfum in hand-etched bottles) and exquisitely packaged in papered jewel boxes and tasseled tubes.

    Samplers are available for purchase:

    - 5 vials for $10
    - 5 1/8 ounce bottles in silk pouch for $50

    Holzman & Stephanie Perfumes, Inc.
    P.O. Box 921
    Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
    Telephone: (847)234-7667
    Fax: (not available at this time)

    Business Hours: 10am - 8pm CST, Monday through Sunday

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    I have to say, I recall reading some poor comments here, but they had an item on ebay that was rare so I went for it.

    The problem I have is they listed the item's location as being in California, and that it would be sent first class registered mail and require a signature.  Well, a week later, it's still not here--though I'm one state over.  Those that have been with this site long enough know that I don't care for this @#$!, as it's very apparent at this time the package is coming from overseas.  

    E-tailers: clear, honest communication that manages the customer's expectations is what counts, because in the end, it's not your product your selling, but your service.  If only I could get the product someplace else...

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Luckyscent. Never had any problems with them before, but this last order took three days to ship out (I placed it on the 10th and it didn't go out on the 11th. 12th was Saturday and well, the world stops on Sunday.) Monday I receive a note letting me know it's shipped, so being ONE state over, I figure two days.

    Why oh why must it take 1 whole week for an item I could have walked the distance to and from in the same amount of time to be delivered? Just annoys the @#$! out of me.
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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY is a fabulous place to buy some of the upscale scents, particular POTL's Luctor et Emergo, which was $10 less than any place else. My package arrived securely packed and beautifully wrapped, including a pretty pink bow. Got a dozen or so samples, too! The thank you note really added that extra touch of class, and Autumn is definitely going to get more of my business!
    "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." -- Mae West

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Sorry. See 'Internet Sites - Discount'. My bad. *

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Art of Man - Australia

    A men's grooming and skincare site that also sells a few niche fragrances which is good news for Australians as they are so hard to find. They stock the whole men's line of Parfums de Nicolai (the only place in Australia I think), a few of the more popular Annick Goutals (Duel, Sables, Eau d'H, Les Nuits d'H and Mandragore), Acqua di Parma and Lalique. Their skincare and grooming range is pretty extensive, Trumper, e Shave, True Gentlemen, Nickel, Zirh, Phytomer and an Australian all natural brand About Face. While its retail prices, they have regular discount offers (recently all Nicolai's were 20% off) and a loyalty scheme that can get you up to 15% off. Also they deliver free in Sydney city and for orders over $150. I inquired about samples and they advise they will soon be adding the opportunity to purchase samples. I have ordered shaving products so far and the service was prompt and efficient and beautifully packaged. Also the answer to my inquiry about samples was almost immediate (they also added they would like to be able to stock the whole Goutal men's line but the distributor isn't bringing the ones they don't stock in at the moment).

    THE BEST OF 2009 to date Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, Cologne Pour Le Soir, Annick Goutal Mandragore Pourpre

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY
    Lovely service, beautiful niche selection,sample program, will ship internationally on inquiry, easy shipping options for Canada and US

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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Does anyone know whether Sephora in France will sell and ship to the States?
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    Default Re: Internet Sites - RETAIL ONLY

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDevilSF View Post
    Does anyone know whether Sephora in France will sell and ship to the States?
    I don't think they do

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