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    Default Brussels-Belgium.

    Most of you already know that I work parttime in a multi-brand niche perfumery called Senteurs d'Ailleurs (Sd'A for short).
    Ofcourse I work there but in all honesty I have to say it's one of the most beautiful independent perfume shop of its kind in Europe. ;D
    Mr Donie, his wife and their daughter created the concept now more than 7 years ago. Something was missing in Brussels for people who were getting tired of the ordinary offering and wanted something special. So they opened their first smaller store which had a French/Provence decor with brands like L'Occitane, CSP, Esteban and Diptyque. Success was instant and after a few years and the addition of more high-end brands Senteurs d'Ailleurs needed a larger more luxurious space. Mr Donie insists that the success was built not only because of the offering but premierly because of the service. People who work at Senteurs (like me lol) need to be passionate about fragrances and have the knowledge that goes with it + being extremely friendly.

    - Serge Lutens (export line) our number one brand.
    - Iunx
    - Acqua di Parma.
    - L'Artisan Parfumeur.
    - Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
    - Diptyque.
    - Creed.
    - Fracas/ Bandit.
    - Andrée Putman.
    - Costes.
    - The Different Company.
    - Penhaligon's.
    - Carthusia.
    - Trumpers.
    - Santa Maria Novella.
    - Comptoir Sud.
    - Mizensir candles.
    - P. Nicolaï : perfume lamps/burners.
    - Christian Tortu.
    - Esteban.
    - Aesop.
    - Molton Brown.

    Senteurs D'Ailleurs
    94 Avenue Louise
    1000 Brussels

    Tel: 3225116969
    Fax: 3225138770

    e-mail :

    (we take mail-orders)

    Annick Goutal opened a boutique in Brussels 2 years ago carrying the full range. AG is on the Place Stephanie just 100 meters from Sd'A...

    The Hermes Boutique one the Blvd de Waterloo is one of the lucky ones to carry the Jean Claude Ellena Hermessences. On the same stret Chanel with Cuir de Rusie, n¡22, Gardenia and Bois des Isles. Polo R. Lauren with the Purple Lable cologne.

    On the Rue de Namur Nathan PH carries the 3 exclusive Dior Colognes.


    Nathan Treize concept store for Frederic Malle. That's on the rue Antoine Dansaert a street with all the trendy Belgian designers. A little bit higher on the street on Place du marché au Porcs you will find the Yamamoto/ Comme des Garons store with all the CdG scents and series.

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Quote Originally Posted by cedriceccentric
    Ofcourse I work there but in all honesty I have to say it's one of the most beautiful independent perfume shop of it's kind in Europe. ;D
    I've visited Senteurs, and I can attest that Cedric is not lying. It's one of the best assorted niche perfumeries I've ever seen, and the people there (including our very own Cedric of course) are extremely friendly. The place is incredibly beautiful and elegant, both in terms of the products on the shelves, and of its ambiance as a whole. Senteurs is a distinguished place with a very pleasant, ''non-threatening'' environment. An absolute rarity in this trade.


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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Thanks for posting Cedric:-)

    I didn't know there is a Comme/Yamamoto boutique in Brussels. My friend is flying there every month :-) Could you please post the address of the store? Thanks. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Thanks, Cedric!
    Definitely I will pay a full-time visit! 8)
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Je te rendra visite une fois quand je sera a Bruxelles et quand j'ai le temps. To try some of those niche fragrances most of wich I never even heard of , newbie that I am.


    Willem Jan

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Quote Originally Posted by nqth
    Thanks for posting Cedric:-)<br><br>I didn't know there is a Comme/Yamamoto boutique in Brussels. My friend is flying there every month :-) Could you please post the address of the store? Thanks.
    Cedric, I would be very interested in the CdG/YY boutique address, too...
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Nieuwe Graanmarkt 6

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    Default Other web-address?

    Senteurs D'Ailleurs
    94 Avenue Louise
    1000 Brussels

    Tel: 3225116969
    Fax: 3225138770

    e-mail :


    Are you shure about the displayed site-address?

    The link ist death!!

    27-03-2006 ---- Now, it will work!
    My ten favorites in December (fragrances alphabetical):

    Artisan Black John Varvatos
    Coeur de Vétiver Sacré L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Déclaration d'un soir Cartier
    F pour homme Salvatore Ferragamo
    Gomma Etro
    Halston 1 - 12 Halston
    Imperial Vetyver Yardley
    Panama 1924 Boellis
    Soulle Ámbar Floris
    Wellington Cologne George F. Trumper

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Two places more to go:

    11B, Rue A. Orts (Dansaert)
    1000 Brussels
    T 02 346 89 62

    Small but good selection, for example: agent provocateur · anvers · mona di orio · patyka · rosine

    Planet Parfum
    Place du grand Sablon 2
    1000 Bruxelles

    Planet Parfum is a chain store and you'll find their shops everywhere in Brussels but this particular shop sells Caron's fountain perfumes!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    I am just writing to say that Cedric gave us all a fabulous address to visit when in Brussles. The Scenteurs is probably one of the finest perfume shops in Europe, and probably in the world. When I am in Brussles, tyhat is my first and often t[he only stop - the most pleasant experience! The next time I am there, will ask for Cedric in person!

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Does anybody know where I can find D'Orsay perfumes in Belgium? Especially Le Dandy.
    I can't find it in the online shops.

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Can I find Pro Fumum in Belgium?

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Senteurs d'Ailleurs is a MUST of course. But, there is also another niche boutique in Brussels, called KAORI.

    1333, Chaussée de Waterloo
    1180 BRUXELLES
    Tel : 32 2 372 04 05

    Some of the lines it carries: Serge Lutens, Penhaligon's, Floris, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Etro, CSP, Annick Goutal, Il Profumo, E. Coudray, Lorenzo Villoresi, Les Parfums de Rosine, Acqua di Parma, .....

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Well from September I'll be living in Brussels as part of my degree. I'm licking my lips - or whatever the olfactory equivalent - in anticipation!

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    I'm fairly new to BaseNotes, but not to perfume... :P I live in Zaventem and I had the chance to visit Senteurs d'Ailleurs last week, where I asked for a couple of samples to make up my mind (SL Féminité du Bois and Nuit de Cellophane... Two completely different perfumes that I was curious about and that I will purchase shortly there). I don't know the name of the person who attended me (a totally charming and nice man) but it definetly made my day!!! Every time I ask for samples at other stores, they don't even bother to look for them, so this was a nice surprise taking also into account I didn't even make a purchase...

    All this to rave about SdA and to tell everyone to please visit the store (I wish I worked there but I don't, alas... ).


    PS: In case you were wondering, FdB will be my next SL choice and, of course, I will go back to Senteurs...

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    A new niche boutique opened recently in Brussels (not far from Les Senteurs d'Ailleurs):

    Galerie Louise 32
    (opposite the Conrad hotel)

    Some of the brands the boutique carries:

    Nejma & Pascal Morabito
    Costume Nationale
    biehl. parfumkunstwerke
    Escentric Molecules

    On a less cheerful note, Kaori boutique is out of business

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    So sorry for Kaori...

    But, hey! We get a new store!!! I'm dying to sample some Montales... :P

    Thanks for the heads-up!!

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Came here to do a quick post about Absolut'ly, but mammamia was here before me... I have been going there a few times since the store opened, and always found the visit to be pleasant. Paula and her assistant are very nice and friendly...

    Oh and since recently they stock Bond N°9 as well.

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Last month I've visited Senteurs d'Ailleurs and was pleased with all the perfume collections. I also came to Absolut'ly and was able to sniff most of the lines from By Killian. I only got 1 compliment sample when buying MFK frag in SdA. On the other hand, I got 6 samples (Lorenzo V, Bonds, and Fragonard) when buying Nejma in Absolut'ly.

    I think there is another place that worth visit in Brussels. Located in Rue Archimede 5, Beauty House is where you can find Amouage line.

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but does anyone know where in Brussels (or Belgium) I can find the Bond No. 9 line of perfumes? I've looked in most of the places posted here.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Quote Originally Posted by kanding View Post
    where in Brussels (or Belgium) I can find the Bond No. 9 line of perfumes? I've looked in most of the places posted here
    Try "Absolut'ly" store, located in Galerie Louise 32 - La Rotonde - 1050 Bruxelles. here is the link as well---->

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Brussels-Belgium.

    Ahhhh I remember buying my first niche fragrance (a Diptyque) at Les Senteurs, I lived on rue de la Concorde just round the corner. It was a treat to go in there. The range of Guerlain was breathtaking!!! I live in Cornwall now, a perfume void!!! Ido wish I could go back now armed with my new fragrance appreciation! (interestingly Guerlain is missing from the long list At the top of the thread, did they stop selling them???)

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