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    Default Great site, for *CANADIAN* E-Bay online shoppers

    I've been shopping for fragrances online on e-bay pretty religiously, and though I've heard nightmare stories about people receiving fakes, or inferior products to what they might buy at department store counters.. I have not had "any" negative experiences from ordering from online stores..

    That being said.. the major frustration being from Canada has been the shipping prices from the American based websites. Usually the shipping prices range from 11-17 dollars US for shipping.. which can get pretty costly.

    I have discovered a website, that offers shipping to Canada, for only 7.95 per item, and only 3.50 for each additional item after.. which is pretty damn good..secondly, the prices of the frags themselves are outstanding.. and you can find many fragrances that aren't available at most department store counters...

    There aren't any niche fragrances available.... but the selection isnt bad for "laymen" scent enthusiasts such as myself..

    for example, I just purchased: Salvidor Dali's Laguna 3.4oz (19.99) USD
    Hanae Mori for Men 3.4oz (33.95) USD
    Animale, Animale 3.4oz (19.75) USD

    So basically, I got these three fragrances, <NEW> not testers, for approx 100 dollars CAD including shipping.. pretty impressive deal.

    the site is: Sweet Scents from Katherine (sells both men's/women's frags) and can be found on e-bay <havn't searched elsewhere>

    I just thought some other Canadians could use this information... and maybe some Americans as well who are just looking for decent prices..

    I'll keep you posted on the quality of the items upon receiving them.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Default Re: Great site, for *CANADIAN* E-Bay online shoppe

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    Thanks for bringing this site to my attention, the prices are really good. Even better, orders over 99USD include free shipping. I'm not sure if this is a temporary offer, but one that I'm definately going to take advantage of in the near future. Thanks for looking out for the Canadians.

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    Default Re: Great site, for *CANADIAN* E-Bay online shoppers

    Thank you for the info - will post back my successes. What about having it delivered to Canada from US. I have done it a few times and it has worked, but I understand that perfume, being flammable, is confiscated? What about duty? I was not charged duty the few times I did order from US, but I have heard where they can charge about 1/3rd of what product is worth?

    Anyone have experience with this?
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    Default Re: Great site, for *CANADIAN* E-Bay online shoppers

    Well...I just purchased a bottle of TdH from her....hoping to receive it soon so I can wear this often in the Spring/Summer. I paid 3 weeks ago and she said she usually ships 2 business days after receiving payment. Its been 13 business days and I've yet to receive my package....also shipping isn't 7.95 anymore from her...she charges 10.30 USD for shipping now for a single bottle (don't know about multiple purchases) and that doesn't even come with a tracking number so you can't track packages as they come in...thought it covers a loss or damage. I think she also said that was airmail shipping.

    So far...not so good...wouldn't buy from her again...I'll give another update as things go on.

    UPDATE: Didn't receive item after a long time and she doesn't use a tracking number on packages..I filed a Paypal Dispute Claim and received all my money back. She also has a problem with shipment..according to her feedback.

    I'd be aware..I didn't have a pleasent experience.
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