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Thread: Moscow - Russia

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    Default Moscow - Russia


    Stocks entire Comme des Garćons lines, along with Cote Bastide, Annick Goutal, Diptique, Patyka, Czech & Speake and Christian Tortu.

    The staff hardly speak English, but they are very nice:-) The prices are highest in Moscow I think:-)

    2. Articoli - at "Spring" (Becha) Department Store

    New Arbat Str. - (don't mistake it with the famouse old Arbat Street, which is very near).

    I was there this summer. They had all Serge Lutens export line, the Different Company 2 scents Bois d'Iris and Rose Poivre, Annick Goutal, L'Artisant, Etro, Costume National, Hermes, Guerlain (Jicky!) and many others.

    The security staff could look serious but this is a common thing in Moscow. The SA people just let you test and sniff as much as you can:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Let`s continue.

    3. Palladium Trade House (2 floor)
    That`s obviously a bunch of little traders, but you can find almost anything there.
    Lutens (200 $), Malles (200$), Carthusia (50-70$), d`Orsay, Piguet, Helmut Lang, Guerlains, Creeds (70-150 $), Etros, Agent Provocateur, CDG, Gobin-Daude (130-150), L`Artisans (50-90), Goutals, Kanebos, etc. Sure usual suspects of fashion are here as well.
    You would not get all-line of them, but for me it`s OK. At least sometimes you can bargain like at eastern bazaar.
    Traders buy some new releases in Europe by cash, take it to that Palladium - so prices are high on novelties.
    You can find rarities there as well.
    Novelties come here faster then usual Russian launches - and you see why.

    4. Articoli (GUM, near Red Square)
    Whole bunch of brands. Niche and mainstream. True business partners of any western brands. Prices are european.

    5. Bloom (Novinskiy bd, 31 - near Le Form)
    Caron boutique. Last month - 18 scents of that distinguished House. Prices are higher than parisian.

    6. Petrovsky Passage (Petrovka, near ETRO boutique)
    Well, there`s two places. Usual russian chain parfumshop l`Etual - 1-st (ground)floor carries brands from mainstream to Creeds and Goutal. Prices are usual moscowian - like 10-20% up to european.

    And a little boutique on the 3-rd floor. There are Lutens, Kanebo and other japanese scents... and...
    MDCI brand - that`s Pierre Bourdon creation line!
    Prices there - rip off, 3 times more! Ex: SL Vetiver Oriental costs 300 $!!!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Moon_fish, I was at the Petrovsky Passage, too. The ground floor is very nice but I did not went to the boutique at 3rd floor. Instead I bought a cheburashka outside of the passage:-)

    I couldn't manage to go to Palladium. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Cheburashka should smell like Dzing!, for sure!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    7. Douglas - Rivoli multishop (Trade Center Ohotny Ryad, down-under boutique, near the Red Square).

    You would find a full range of Creeds-Millesimes, Clive Christians and Goutals down there (official retailer), and all mainstream brands (Cartier, Sisley, Gucci, YSL, etc).
    Crystal Lalique bottles also - very lovely...
    Prices are high, like everywhere in Moscow.
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

      8. Shopping mall "Fair "Kon'kovo" - two little traders with some selection of scents (mainstream and some rarities). I only managed to buy Grey Flannel there (after 2-month pursuit), other places in Moscow was emty of it.
    Prices could say are similar to those at aforesaid Palladium.
      How to get there:
    Metro station "Kon'kovo" first vehicle if you go from center to outskirts. On exit turn to the right than go upstairs left and than again turn to the left - here you face shopping mall.
      The fragrance traders are situated opposite each other just after the entrance.

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Palladium sellers moved to another place. They now works for a year in STANKOLIT place - near M Alekseevskaya (and free bus could take you to the place from metro station).

    As I`ve seen - they add some selective stuff like MDCI parfums, Le Jardin Retrouve, Le Prince Jardinier, Beth Terry, YOSH, Ormonde Jayne, Patyka, etc... Very impressive collection grey market has!

    At Palladium place and in Start place there`s now Arbat-Prestige chein stores... poor luxe brands...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Some info about changes in Moscow perfume life.

    1. New boutique opened.
    Moscow, Gallery ZAR, Rublyovskoe Avenue, 42/1
    It`s lovely small shop in posh building. They carry a lot of niche stuff, i.e. Parfumery Generale, MDCI, DelRae, CDG, Etat Libre d`Orange, Lutens, Sheikh, Malone, Carrement Belle, Patyka, JAR, and a lot more.
    Prices are quite high, but it worth to have a look at least. The concept is `perfumes are pieces of art` - so golden frames and old French style are in design.

    2. Bloom lost its Caron license. So Caron will be in full range in corner of ZUM (TSUM?) megastore (opening will be at summer 2007), along with Lutens, Penhaligons, Chanel, CSP, Hermes and others.
    The shop is near Bolshoy Theatre.

    3. Articoli in GUM (Red square) will bring Frederic Malle along with some other niche brands (rumours should be checked in June 2007).

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Thanks for these updates on Moscow perfume stores, much appreciated by this visitor. I'll be there again in the autumn and will use your information. I've bought from Articoli on previous occasions (my first Goutals and Lutens were from there) but will branch out next time.

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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Hey, guys, do you know where to buy Etat Libre D`Orange range in Moscow?
    Thank`s for all this info, BTW. I know most of these places but some updates were quite interesting.
    These another one interesting L`Etoile shop on Dorogomilovskaya St. near Kievsky passenger depot.
    Full range of Serge Lutens, Annick Goutal & L`Artisan.
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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    You forgot about:
    address: Moscow, Petrovka 2
    Perfumes: Roja Dove, Boadicea, Keiko Mecheri, Kilian, F. Malle, Kurkdjian, Le Labo, S.Lutens and more...
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    Default Re: Moscow - Russia

    Are there any stores in Moscow that let you sample?

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