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    Does anyone know of any shops in either of these locations? Particularly ones that have Creed samples?

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    In Pittsburgh I would recommend:

    Saks Fifth Avenue - downtown (carries the usual Saks stock)
    Larrimors - downtown (AdP, SMN, Truefitt)

    Toadflax - Walnut St. Shadyside(wide niche selection)
    Schillers Drugs - Walnut St. Shadyside (wide niche selection).
    Sephora - Walnut St. Shadyside

    As you are looking specifically for Creed, you can find them at Saks and at Schillers. My recommendation is to visit the Shadyside area (near Pitt and CMU) as it is a pretty cool area.

    Send me a message if you need help.

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    Thank you very much, that was a great list. I had just discovered Saks before you posted, but after I made the original post, so my Creed problem was resolved, and I'd been to Sephora. However, I feel the need to visit these other plazas.
    I've been to Shadyside quite a bit as I used to go to CMU for music stuff and a close friend goes to Pitt. You're right, it's a cool place.

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    Hi! Nice to find other Pittsburghers around.

    Besides Toadflax/Saks/Schillers, I've found that the Pittsburgh Jeans Co. in the Southside (right by the Birmingham bridge) carries Comme des Garcons and a few other selected lines.

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    Pittsburgh Jeans Company no longer carries any beauty products. They have decided to do away with their apothecary line. I was there yesterday and they did have a few CdG frags for 50% off and I convinced them to sell me 4 of the testers for $10 each, but there are very slim pickings left. Too bad as it was the only place in Pittsburgh to carry the line.
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    Default Re: Pittsburgh/Erie

    I'm looking for some niche fragrances, are all these stores still open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan6485 View Post
    I'm looking for some niche fragrances, are all these stores still open?
    Saks closed in March because the store was in desperate need of renovations and sales declined after Nordstroms opened at Ross Park Mall. Speaking of Nordstroms they now carry Bond No.9 and I was told Creed will be offered shortly too. The Men's cologne section isn't the greatest but they do have some of the harder to find brands: Tom Ford (not private blend tho), Acqua Di Parma & Jo Malone (both in the Woman's area). Larrimors is also worth checking out.

    Good Luck,


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