I asked the following before but probably at the wrong places. With the extended possibilities of the wardrobe, those questions pop up again and I am seeking advice on the following:

1. It looks like I should update my profile for gender at least. The problem is password: I logg in automatically, thanks to Firefox. Already logged in, I do not seem to get to the 'lost password tool'. But I need to, as I forgot where my password may have been stored. What do I do?

2. And while I am at it, I would like to give myself a face and I failed on that before. Are jpg's from my personal archive acceptable and could they be c o p i e d into the profile form? I seem to miss the meaning of 'picture URL'.

3. No problem, if this is impossible, but I would like to transfer data from my personal bn wardrobe into a database or spread sheet of my own. So far, I can only transfer text, it seems.