I really hope I'm not bugging people by posting here. I dread discovering that there's a really obvious link I've missed. So I'm sorry if this has already been covered but I can't find any listing of 2 Philosophy frangrances: Baby Grace and Pure Grace. They're two parts of a trilogy with Amazing Grace, which is listed, though they don't need to be worn together. I haven't smelled Amazing Grace, but Baby Grace is a sweetish, violety scent that I find clean but a tad too floral for me, while Pure Grace is described on the Philosphy website thus "ultra-fresh and crisp with universal appeal. pure grace is best described as infinitely clean, a light veil of transparent freshness with bergamot, water lily, and lavender. pure grace is surrounded by a hint of jasmine and cool greens and is laced with a rich and sensual frosted musk."