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    Default some from O Boticario (brazil) *notes added*

    there are some frags (ok, a lot) missing:

    Women's frags:

    Ops! line:

    Ops! Casual 100ml
    Ops! Fashion 100ml

    Splash! line:

    Acqua Vervain Colônia 210ml
    Blue Musk 210ml
    Fleur 210ml
    Vert 210ml

    women's line: (full line)
    accordes harmonia
    acqua fresca 110ml/210ml
    annete for ever
    arbo feminino
    bálsamo da sorte
    carpe diem
    crazy feelings
    floratta in blue
    floratta in gold
    floratta in rose
    insensatez 100ml/30ml
    lavanda pop
    linda brasil
    quasar fire
    tarsila rouge

    from the man's line (regular)there are missing:

    classic Boticário
    Lhotse Irresistível Desodorante Colônia 95ml
    Azul Portinari
    Quasar Fire
    Speed Man
    Styletto Intense

    for babies:
    Baby Boti água de colônia 80ml for babies.
    boti água de colônia menina 80ml (for girls)
    boti água de colônia menino 80ml (for boys)

    that's about it! phew!
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    Default Re: some from O Boticario (brazil)

    and a new one (2006):

    Lily Essence (for women EDT 75ml.)
    top: Mandarin, Pear, Peach, Apricots, Pink Pepper.
    middle: Osmanthus, Gardenia, Jasmin, Rose, Violet, Lilac, Iris, Narcissus.
    base: Sandalwood, Moss, Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber.

    also new: Vetiver Brasil (for men 2006):
    top: lemon, tarragon, sage, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit.
    middle: cardamom, guaic wood, cashmeran woods.
    base: brazilian vetiver, cedar, musk, amber, labdanum.

    ** Important Note:! : **

    When i posted these, they were in production but now, the following female frags are discontinued:
    Accordes Harmonia
    Linda Brazil
    Tarsila Rouge
    Zíngara a later date i will be adding all the accords to the full lines.!
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    Default Re: some from O Boticario (brazil)

    and here are the notes for the missing male scents:

    Azul Portinari
    Top: bergamot, mandarin, water accord, living birch leaves.
    Middle: cedar, geranium, nutmeg, sandalwood,vetiver, Living Breeze from Hachijojima
    Base: amber, musk, vetiver, leather, cedar, oakmoss.

    Top: neroli, bergamot, green leaves
    Middle: artemisia, coriander, cardamom, mix of pepeprs, floral notes
    Base: woods complex, musk

    Top: bergamot, artemisia, galbanum
    Middle: lavender, cedar, geranium, tonka bean, georgia wood.
    Base: sandalwood, musk, amber, vanilla.

    Quasar fire
    Top: green accord, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, carambola fruit.
    Middle: nutmeg, ginger, pepper, coriander, cardamom, star anise, sage, cedar leaves, basil, safron.
    Base: cedar, vetiver, patchouli, cypress, sandalwood flower, moss, musk, amber.

    Styletto intense
    Top: lemon, rosemary, pineapple, bergamot, eucalyptus.
    Middle: clove, thyme, tarragon, mace, plum, cypress.
    Base: amber, cedar, dry woods, tonka bean.

    Top: bergamot, pineapple, green accord, lemon, grapefruit.
    Middle: magnolia, fressia, rosemary, tarragon, lavender, geranium.
    Base: musk, sandalwood, amber, tonka bean, oakmoss.

    i'll try to post the notes of the women's line soon.

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    Default Re: some from O Boticario (brazil) *notes added*

    and now it's time for the woman's line!:

    Top: orange blossom, blackcurrant, apple , prunella.
    Middle: jamin, lily of the valley, living red roses, ylang-ylang.
    Base: sandalwood, vetiver, musky notes.

    Acqua Fresca
    Top: bergamot, sicilian lemon
    Middle: orange flower, jasmin, lavender.
    Base: cedar, patchouli

    Annete Forever
    Top: orange flower, geranium, lily of the valley.
    Middle: ylang-ylang, cyclamen, rose, tuberose, narcissus, egyptian jasmin, cedar, clove.
    Base: vetiver, oakmoss, amber,musk.

    Arbo Femenino
    Top: pink pepper, bergamot, fresh accord, “living nature” and “vegetal memory”
    Middle: living hyacinth, living fressia, lily of the valley
    Base: violet woods, musk, amber, vetiver, living cashmere, sandalwood.

    Balsamo da Sorte
    Top: lemon, bergamot, green note.
    Middle: rosemary, rue shrub, pepper, camphor laurel.
    Base: musk, sandalwood, frankincense, incense.

    Top: green bergamot, mint, pepper, red fruits.
    Middle: cyclamen, jasmin, tonka bean, fressia, almond.
    Base: cedar, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, amber.

    Carpe diem
    Top: lemon, cyclamen, tangerine, grapefruit.
    Middle: ginger, honeysuckle.
    Base: musk, sandalwood, cedar.

    Top: galbanum, apricot
    Middle: turkish rose, grasse jasmin, chinese osmanthus, pepper leaves
    Base: indian sandalwood, musk, haitian vanilla.

    Crazy feelings
    Top: orange flower, mandarin
    Middle: rose, lily of the valley, clove
    Base: vetiver, musk, patchouli.

    Top: red fruits, mandarin, bergamot, green notes.
    Middle: iris, violet, fressia, gardnia, ginger flower, magnolia, white pepper
    Base: white musks, ambregris, vanilla, mysore sandalwood.
    Top: blackcurrant, plum, mandarin leaves.
    Middle: orange flower, lily of the valley, peony, ylang-ylang
    Base: vanilla, amber, sandalwood, virginia cedar.

    Floratta in blue
    Top: geranium, bergamot, persian lime, rose tea.
    Middle: plumeria, lily of the valley, gardenia
    Base: sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, musk.

    Floratta in gold
    Top: neroli, pineapple, peach, living amazon orchid
    Middle: lily of the valley, heliotrope, jasmin
    Base: amber, indian sandalwood, vanilla, musk

    Floratta in rose
    Top: mandarin, blackcurrant, peach, fresh frutal complex, pink pepper.
    Middle: living hydroponic blue rose, fresh rose, natural otto rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, gardenia
    Base: musk complex, two eyed musk, woody notes.

    Top: lavander, bergamot, lemon, orange
    Middle: geranium, jasmin, sage, pine, clove
    Base: oakmoss, cedar, vetiver, musk

    Top: mandarin, neroli, plum
    Middle: jasmin, rose, lily of the valley, iris.
    Base: musk, moss, sandalwood, cedar

    Top: white flowers, chamomile, cassia, narcissus, fruity notes.
    Middle: jasmin, lily of the valley, lilac, tuberose
    Base: sandalwood, musk

    Top: bergamt, tangerine, papaya, pineapple.
    Middle: rose, violet, jasmin, lily of the valley, natural green tea.
    Base: musk, oakmoss, woods complex

    Lavanda pop
    Top: refreshing lavender, rosemary, orange flower
    Middle: geranium, lavender, clove
    Base: cedar, musk

    Top: grapefruit, green ivy, rare spices
    Middle: orchid, iris, lily of the valley
    Base: sandalwood, amber, cinnamon, musk

    Top: bergamot, grapefruit, violet leaves, bamboo leaves
    Middle: gardenia natureprint, thaitian tiare natureprint, jasmin, fressia, red fruits, raspberry natureprint, anise seed liquor, pink pepper.
    Base: sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean, benzoin, amber, musk

    Top: fresh and refined citrus
    Middle: lily of the valley, jasmin
    Base: sandalwood, vanilla, musk

    Top: violet, bergamot, blackcurrant, lily of the valley
    Middle: rose, jasmin, iris
    Base: vetiver, amber, georgywood, musk

    Quasar fire
    Top: mandarin, tangerine, lemon, wild raspberry, cherry
    Middle: japanese cherry blossom, peony, fressia, pink pepper, nutmeg.
    Base: sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, moss, elemi, labdanum, vanilla, amber, tonka bean.

    Top: safron flower, pink pepper.
    Middle: violet, iris, rose, muscat rose, natural rose infusion, nutmeg.
    Base: patchouli, pink cedar, sandalwood, moss, Land wood, amber, musk, vanilla.

    Top: pear, mimosa, cactus flower, tingerine flower, peony, rain forest blue orchid.
    Middle: nectarine peach , hibiscus, vanilla orchid, dove tree flower.
    Base: amber, musk, sandalwood, incense

    Top: lavender notes, geranium, rose
    Middle: sandalwood, vetiver
    Base: musk, vanilla

    “splash line”

    Acqua Vervain
    Top: bergamot, mandarin, lemon, vervein, natural green accords, dihydromircenol, biocaptive ginger root freeze frame.
    Middle: orange flower, water floral accord, lilac, lily of the valley, transparent woods.
    Base: oakmoss, sandalwood, transparent amber, musk complex.

    Blue musk
    Top: green accord, bergamot.
    Middle: musk complex, jasmin, rose, lily of the valley, iris.
    Base: sandalwood, cedar, amber, creamy notes.

    Green citrus notes, lavender notes, chamomile, clove, cinnamon.

    that's all i could get!


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    Default Re: some from O Boticario (brazil) *notes added*

    The missing notes will arrive soon (changing over system at the moment to things are in flux!)

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    Default Re: some from O Boticario (brazil) *notes added*

    Fantastic news Grant!

    I never thought it would be done i thought it was so much info...

    and Thank you fir the amazing work you do everyday on the site, i just saw the new revamped reviews section and it looks great.

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