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    Default Institut Trs Bien Parfums Beaut Lyon (france)

    here i go:

    Cologne la Franaise : magnolia, grapefruit from Israel, white lemon from Sicily,mexican lime, provence lavander,morroccan rosemary, neroli, benzoin, iris.

    Cologne la Russe : sicilian lemon, calabre cedar, sicilian bergamot, mexican lime, morroccan rosemary, provence lavander, vervein, orange blossom, ambrette, benzoin, florence iris.

    Cologne l'Italienne : Sicilian white lemon, winter lemon, mexican lime, oranges, calabrian cedar, paraguayan petit grain, orange blossom, rosemary, neroli, florence iris, benzoin, paraguayan mate.
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    Default Re: Institut Trs Bien Parfums Beaut Lyon (france)

    and now a new one:

    Trs Russe: 2006 unisex
    it's a concentrated, reworked version of the cologne russe with diff notes:

    bergamot, limette, almond, vanilla, musk, iris, orange blossom, lavender, benzoin and tonka bean.

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