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    Default Walter Wolf Parfums

    I picked up 6 huge bottles (4 oz) of Walter Wolf cologne at my local flea market this morning. All in boxes.
    Monaco after shave splash
    Grand Prix after shave -2 splash
    Formula 1 - Steel -1 spray 1 splash
    Formula 3 - Leather - 1 splash

    When were these make? Late 70's? I think they are a fantastic find, but I dont know a think about them except what i read in the cross-sell leaflet in some of the bottles.

    Can anybody add any more information? I think these are rare as hens teeth.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Walter Wolf Parfums

    There were 3 formulations in that series Leather, wood and steel. All were very nice scents and ahead of there time.
    I owned the series in 1981. The description on the packaging for the steel fragrance stated that it was "a bold new concept in fragrance " I agree whole heartedly. I had never smelled anything like it up to that time. It was a very masculine fragrance with a metalic note that was subtle and unusual . Inside the boxes there were pictures of formula one race cars, helicopters and speed boats with the Walter Wolf logo proudly displayed on them. I figured that Walter had to be a billionaire from the packaging alone. The wood fragrance was as good or better than the Ab & Fitch (Wood ) fragrance that has now been discontinued. The Leather fragrance was pretty good as well but it was my least favorite. All I can say is that it kicked hell out of English Leather which I also owned at the time.

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