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    Default A bunch of Givenchy's

    Various versions of Tartine et Chocolat:
    Tartine et chocolat Ptisebon (or is it ptiselon?)
    Tartine et chocolat Granselon (or is it gransebon?)
    Tartine et chocolat Ma Belle

    Organza First Light

    Amarige Harvest (limited edition)

    Very Irresistible Eau de Parfum Sensual

    Pi Original code: 3,14... (limited ed 2005)

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    Default Re: A bunch of Givenchy's

    I happened to test last week Pi's Original code and it's the very same scent as the normal Pi..only the bottle and packing is different.
    And i tried also Very Irresistible Sensual Eau de Parfum and it IS different from the regular version...i would like to say that there is more roses in it and it's a bit sweeter than the original.

    Oh! thgere's another frag that i didnt see here... Givenchy's Insense Ultramarine for Her (in a pink-blue box) :-?

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    Default Re: A bunch of Givenchy's

    The notes for organza first light:

    top: hesperedic notes, muguet, honeysuckle
    middle: jasmine, gardenias, ylang-ylang
    Base: vanilla, benzoin, patchouli.

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    Default Re: A bunch of Givenchy's

    here are the notes for the "harvest series" !! (such nice-looking bottles!):

    Amarige Mimosa de Grasse: (EDT)
    top: Neroli, Green note, Wet note
    mid: Mimosa absolu from Grasse 2005 harvest, Ylang Ylang, Blackcurrant.
    base: Cashemira Sandalwood, Amber, Powdery note.

    Organza Jamin D'Inde: (EDP)
    top: Honeysuckle
    mid: Jasminium Grandiflorum absolu 2005 harvest (from Madras, India) , Nutmeg
    base: Cedar, Vanilla.

    Very Irresistible Rose Bulgare: (EDT)
    top: Green note, star anise, Verbena
    mid: Rose Absolu 2005 (may and june harvest from the valley of the roses in Bulgaria) harvest, Spicy note.
    base: Roses, "soft notes" (what is that?)

    what's with the mistery with some notes!


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