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    Default Parfums des Beaux Arts Mahjoun

    Wow, this smells exactly the way it is described on the site. Exotic, sensuous, delicious. It's a warm, spicy, long lasting fragrence. My sample was a bit odd, I could barely smell anything when I took the cap off, but within 30 seconds of putting it on, I was immeresed in an exotic aroma. I'm really begining to appreciate the DSH effort to transport you to another world. I find myself closing my eyes and sniffing quite a bit when I wear cinabue, gingembre, and now Majoun.

    Top notes: Bitter Almond, Cardamom Seed, Cherry Blossom, Lavender Flower, Lemon, Sweet Orange
    Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Fig, Hazelnut, Honey, Nutmeg, Orange Blossom, Sugar Date
    Base notes: Amber, Atlas Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Frankincense/Olibanum, Sandalwood, True Arabian Myrrh


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    Default Re: Parfums des Beaux Arts Mahjoun

    A quick follow up... I could still smell this fragrance on me when I woke up the next morning! That's over 13 hours of going strong... What a smell to awake to. Frankincense, various spices, I felt like royalty:-) Definitely going to pick up a bottle of this.


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