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    Default Montale Discoveries

    I was privileged to receive a number of Montale samples from the illustrious Vijay of MaisonStinky fame a few weeks ago and all I can say is "Wow!" *What an interesting fragrance house this is. Truly Unique. *Testing out these samples has been like embarking upon an exotic treasure hunt. *So, I thought I would share a few of the gems I have discovered while on this fragrance journey. *I'll start off by describing a few of the ones I am most fond of and hopefully those of you who have had the pleasure of sampling some of Montale's line will share your impressions as well.

    Almandes Oriental - This is the first one I sampled. *At first sniff I thought..this is odd..a bit medicinal..but wait after about twenty minutes it developed into the most yummy warm almond, laced with vanilla absolute. *I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. *It was so addictive. Its not real complex...but it is beautiful in its simplicity...very comforting. This was my first Montale sample....and my first Montale purchase. I love it. *

    Sweet Oriental Dream - and what a dream it is. The first blast is over the top sweetness...but it doesn't take long to settle down into what I would clearly describe as the most intoxicatingly addictive fragrance I have smelled. I suppose you would call this a gourmand as it is a smoky, marshmallowy, Turkish delight candy type scent with almonds & honey that is laced with the most delightful cherry pipe tobacco richness. Supposedly there is rose in this one...but I don't smell it. *I find myself constantly reaching for my sample...just to get high on the fumes. *This will be my next Montale purchase. *I can't wait for the fall & winter to wear this one.

    Patchouli Leaves - I'm a huge patchouli lover. *This is my patchouli Holy Grail...easily the most luxuriously rich patchouli I have ever smelled. Earthy, dark, silky smooth. *When I sniff it I can't help but get the image of a thick, lush, sable-colored mink coat draped across black satin sheets. Its so yummy...almost first impression was one of smelling a rich dark chocolate.. truly good enough to eat. *Montale states that the patchouli leaves macerated for two years in the trunk of the oak tree combined with vanilla, amber and white musk on a base of Cystus ladaniferus from Tibet. Its depth is amazing. Its simply beautiful. *I will be purchasing a full bottle of this one as well.

    Jasmine Full- *Let me start by saying...I don't do flowery scents. *99% of my wardrobe is either male or unisex scents. I have really never cared for Jasmine in a perfume. *Yet...somehow, I find myself drawn to this one. *Its so pure, soft and inviting. *Like reaching out, plucking a flower from nature and inhaling. *A really lovely pure jasmine fragrance. *The only flowery fragrance I have ever truly enjoyed. *Definately worth sampling.

    Ginger Musk- *What a lively, sparkling beauty this is. I don't get a lot of ginger from this though...just a hint...enough to give it a bit of an edge. *I detect more black & red berries with some of musk. *Very fruity feeling. *Rich, no way light. *Very Potent. *One would have to go easy on the trigger finger with this one. *I have found that applied very lightly it is absolutely intoxicating...and a HUGE compliment getter. *Lots of sillage here. I really like this one.

    I have several other Montale's that I've sampled, but I thought I would start off with the ones I have most enjoyed. *Let me say this, the thing that strikes me the most about this house is the purity of their fragrances. Absolutely nothing synthetic about them. *And each one is so distinctly different from the next. *No "house notes" least not that I can detect. *Each one is its own original, brilliantly crafted, work of art. Even the ones that I don't particularly enjoy I can appreciate for their development, richness & complexity. *Montale is a bit pricey, but nearly every one I have sampled is extremely potent and lasts for days. *A little goes a long way. If you haven't contacted Vijay for some samples I encourage you to do so. *He is so helpful & accommodating...a real asset to basenotes. *Anyone who truly appreciates the beauty of fragrances will be missing out by not experiencing this line.


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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Lovely reviews! I too was graced by Vijay's kind assistance in sampling some of the Montale line, though it seems we didn't overlap much on the scents we sampled... Thanks to you I see there are more I should try! I agree with you that they are refreshingly unsynthetic-smelling, and many are strangely compelling!

    I find the concept of this line intriguing; such sleekly mod aluminum packaging for a line set apart by its ancient oud and attar-inspired scents. Definitely an acquired taste in an era awash with transparency, fruitiness, ozone and headspace (the olfactory equivalent of truthiness), some of these fragrances challenge the nose and stir archaic emotion to an extent unsought even in most niche lines. Maybe it's the oud ... yes, it's gotta be the oud, talking to me.

    Powder Flowers: uber-powder, with a background of smoke: dark, somewhat incensey, with a bitter acrid taste, very unusual.

    Crystal Flowers: very mild, perhaps 1/4 the intensity of Powder Flowers - a clean floral herbal.

    Sandalsliver: sweet citrus and sandalwood, in an arrangement similar to Trumper Sandalwood. Strangely this seems more fruity and less woody after the topnotes leave. This might be nicer on a man's skin - my husband's skin always seems to bring out woody notes with more oomph.

    Intense Tiare: very heady atomic gardenia with a hint of coconut sweetness

    Jasmine Full: I read all the reviews about this being the purest, truest jasmine, so likable, and to me it's just not so ...a consumnate jasmine lover, I've been working with a variety of jasmine absolutes and concretes for the last year, and it's not that Jasmine Full smells synthetic in the least; it doesn't, but there is such a rough dark edge to this blend - think Jessica Rabbit chainsmoking. I almost wonder if it hasn't aged enough ... it's quite striking how un-suave this is. It calms down and smooths out a bit after a couple of hours, but the whole show is over in 4, so... not my favorite jasmine.

    Attar Damascus: Similar to Parfum Sacre, with the dark rose riding over such a deep, smoky but transparent base, yet it remains recognizably rose .... it kept my nose interested for hours. I think this one could really grow on me! There's something so compelling in this ancient pairing; my favorite of the Montales I've tried thus far. The sillage lasted about 4 hours; short for me - most things last 8-12 hours, which speaks to me of a high proportion of natural materials. It lingers quite close to the skin for 6-8 hours.

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Patchouli Leaves is the only one I have smelled of those few and I think you are dead on. It is so rich and dark. Possibly the best Patchouli fragragrance around. Deffinately bottle worthy. I'm glad to see another vote for Patchouli!!

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    I love both Ginger Musk and Sweet Oriental Dream. I think I can wear the Ginger Musk all summer.

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Have not discovered them yet, but thanks for the great reviews!

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    some days ago i ve also received the montale samples from vijay now i have almost the full collection to test but i haVE TO SAY THAT I ALMOST LOVE THEM ALL ;D ;D

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Please advise! Who is Vijay, and how does one obtain samples from Montale?

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    Smile PM sent

    Hi Nirmala - sent you a PM

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    Thank you for the great reviews! Patchouli Leaves and Sweet Oriental Dreams sound so nice. For some reason, the only Montale Ive tried is Soleil de Capri, which did not impress me. It reminded me a lot of Juicy Fruit (yes, the chewing gum....)

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    I too have tried several of Vijay's Montales. My favourite is Jasmine Full, although I also love Almandes Orientales. Jasmine full is such a heady, powerful scent.

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    Jasmine can turn sour on my skin, however that's not the case with Jasmine Full. It starts out so sheer and pale until it warms up then it is gorgeous, warm jasmine. I have a decant of Sweet Oriental Dreams, which is tender roses dusted with powdered sugar on my skin. Very yummy. Montale's Intense Tiare is a creamy coconut/gardenia. I'm not a tropical kind of gal, but I'd give my left nostril for a full bottle of that one. Vanilla Chypre is winter comfort in a bottle. Velvet Flowers, a perfect blend of spring blossoms and a touch of peach. Amandes Oriental went crazy on my skin...but that doesn't stop me from loving the Montale line as a whole.

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    I have 34 Montale samples that I got in a group off ebay. The first one I tested today was Aoud Rose Petals. I had wanted to explore the house, and especially the Aoud note--it strikes me as quite a masculine note of dark, spicy, wood.

    Can anyone share comments on the Aoud note of Montale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicat
    I have 34 Montale samples that I got in a group off ebay. The first one I tested today was Aoud Rose Petals. I had wanted to explore the house, and especially the Aoud note--it strikes me as quite a masculine note of dark, spicy, wood.

    Can anyone share comments on the Aoud note of Montale?
    It really took me a while to get used to the oud note. For the longest time all I could get was a medicinal quality. The first one I tried was Aoud Cuir d'Arabie, and it reminded me of the doctor's office I used to go to as a kid, like 25 years ago, with the smell of leather chairs and medicine. After a while the oud just stopped dominating compositions and started to blend in better for me - my nose adjusted to it. Now when I smell it, it smells like a wet, dense cloud of earthy-woods that adds fullness and body to the scent. Well, sometimes it still smells medicinal!

    BTW, the masculine association is a cultural one, I think. In some religions, I believe it is worn by both sexes and has an almost sacred meaning attached to it. Others can comment on that better, but I know for sure I have smelled oud on Muslim women.

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    Default Oudh's

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicat
    Can anyone share comments on the Aoud note of Montale?
    The following lines are from the literature provided to me by Montale Parfums


    The oud is used in oriental perfumery since the dawn of time. what is the oud? a fragranced ointment from arabia, extracted from the root of the oud tree, preserved in a cave for several years; by a secret process, we obtain the oud oil, a smokey mystic aphrodisiac scent.

    Basically the oud's have been used by the Sultans and princesses and aristocracy in the Middle East for a long long time. And as Robyogi pointed out in the previous thread, once you get past the medicinal note, or once your olfactory sense gets used to it, the various other notes sort of start blooming. To me the Black Aoud was very addicting.

    Hope this answers your questions Chicat.

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    Thumbs up Re: Montale Discoveries

    After spraying a little of SandalSliver(sample) on my hand today, I called Vijay and ordered a 'can'. It's a feminine scent but I was so overwhelmed with its warmth and sandalwood(?) flavor, I had to get me some. It is STRONG and a little will go a long way! Still sniffing my hand and smelling it after about 11 hours.

    I asked a female co-worker to smell it and she rubbed her nose on my hand, grinning the whole time. I then gave her my sample and she said she'd definitely wear it.

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Well my experience with Montale was clearly one of sort of shock.... the 'oudh' note was something I was clearly not even ready for... yes, I am ashamed but only a little... but here is what I think of Sweet Oriental Dream...

    This is a very tricky fragrance for me to wear... I have a hard time with the wait-time that is required for this to turn into the delicious sumptuous fragrance that this indeed does turn into --- eventually... but the opening is just a bit hard for me to swallow... there is just something there that's really hard to get over for me... It's like running for someone who is not a 'natural-born' runner... and then you get into it somewhat and think you're doing great... you know you can do it... you're feeling proud! and then you see that there are hurdles on the track-filed and you have to battle those while running... as if running itself was not a challenge enough... and for me that is a hard trick to perform...LOL... well that is exactly how I feel about Sweet Oriental Dream... I do love it though once the dry down ensues and I actually start to smell the honey and almond... I think it's actually that heavily sugared rose that makes this one such a challenge for me!

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    Thanks for the great replies! I'll test another oud Montale tomorrow--today I had to have a break and relax with Kai. 32 Montales to go.

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    Default Re: Montale Discoveries

    I've also gotten a few Montale samples from the marvelous Vijay (whose customer service is just the best). I've not done tried any Montales up until this point and now I want to try them all!

    Loving the Black Aoud and ordered it, just dark and rich with a little rose to even it all out.

    Tested Patchouli Leaves. I'm not a big patch lover, but it reminded me quite a lot of Borneo 1834 in some aspects, though Borneo has the chocolate and other notes that softens the patch so I can wear it.

    I'm thinking someone who love patch will very much like the Patchouli Leaves.


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