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    Default Bal a Versailles?

    I was wondering what you thought of it and if it is a worthy buy, i saw it today (a 3.4oz old bottle in original box unopened) and they didn't have any testers or any other bottle opened so i was curious about this one. Is it "old lady" scent? is it a power floral? is it ambery? and in what category would you put it and if a man can wear it... (i use some women's frags too 8-) ).

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    I won a bottle of this on ebay for 5$ and ive been waiting on it for years ! lol ... so I cant help ya :P

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    I always think of Bal a Versailles as a sort of sad, meloncholy scent. To me it has an air of another era as well as an old-fashioned quality. I wouldn't really class it as "old lady" though, however it's not sparkling, ozonic, light, sweet or fluffy either. There is defintely a darkness to it- I'd class it as a Floriental and think it would be at home on the pulse points of any today-Goth.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    for what it's worth - I remember back when the TV show Dynasty was big, Joan Collins used to give interviews and if they asked she always said her favorite perfume was Bal a Versailles.
    I smelled it then and remember liking it thinking it smelled "very french". :
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    IMO, the vintage is wonderful! The new version is awful!

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    I tried the new version recently, and it took such a bad turn on me that after a few minutes the saleslady was searching frantically for an alcohol wipe - of her own accord - to rid the world of that fragrance on my skin. Very bad chemistry for me...

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    A little word of warning if you to do manage to get the vintage. Be care the reason it was pulled in the first place was because some ingredients where sun sensitive and where thought to possibly cause cancer in reacton with sunlight. It took them years to reformulate and bring back.

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    a big Thank You for everyone for your input! i think i will get it but it'll be a while "to get" list is huge!

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    Bal a Versailles is one of a few scents that seems to be a compliment magnet...everyone seems to love it. Last time I wore it to lunch the women at the next table had me write the name down and "divulge" my source..
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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    FWIW, I adore Bal a Versailles, and I probably have the newer version. I even have the parfum version as well as the EDP or EDT, don't know which one. Anyway, it is a true compliment getter, as well as near the top of my favorites ever.

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    Default Re: Bal a Versailles?

    I agree it's a wonderful fragrance. I'd classify it as resinous oriental.And I think that a man who has a dark side might be able to wear it successfully.

    Nice info about the reformulation and the cause for it, Donna, thanks!

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