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    Default Murmure (Van Cleef & Arpels)

    Let's discuss this interesting frag!!!!!!!! By way of discussing this frag I will tell a story -- I had a birthday recently and my mom gave me a bottle of this (must have been on sale at Marshall's or TJ Maxx) but first had to say my sister warned her not to get me perfume, sort of like I would never buy Yo Yo Ma a cello, I guess (well I don't have that kind of money anyways, right? But even if I did, bad idea, right?) So anyways as you all who have spritzed it before know, the bottle is kind of hard to spritz so I spritzed it a few times on my arm and almost felt like I was going to have an allergic reaction (was it the freesia? I don't know) But I said it was nice etc. Later after the overpowering sensation had worn off and after finding a fragrance pyramid I found on the internet appealing I tried it again, this time only spritzing a tiiny bit on my neck and it was really really nice. So, what I have surmised is that in large quantities this is a very hard fragrance for me to take (I never liked sharp/spicy fragrances) but in small doses it is really really nice, and I've actually been wearing it a lot because it is a nice summer scent. I just wish I could put more of it on without being grossed out because I really don't think the tiny amount I'm spritzing works. Maybe like les Jardins de Bagatelle this is a fragrance best applied with a roller ball. What do y'all think?

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    You are right, it was available at Marshalls' in several states cheap. I bought it too, and it was not a blind buy for me, rather it was meeting an old friend. Delicate white flowers with stems on a woody base.

    I agree, in large quantities it does start a little sharp and pungent. To avoid this, I put some unscented lotion on the palm of my hand and spray 2-3 spritzes of Murmure into it. Then (do not laugh before you try it, because it works with this one and several others!) I apply the mixture to the ankles and the back side of the knees. Liberally. Repeat as needed. And then apply as usual: I spritz behind the ears bordering the hair line, on the back of the neck and on the chest. Please do not forget to wash your hands. 8-)
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    hmmm interesting idea . . . i don't know if i have any unfragranced lotion though, the closes i have is cocoa butter and that kinhd of has a smell. maybe i'll try putting it in a roll-on bottle and if i'm not satisifed with that i'll make a special unscented lotion trip

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