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    Default do you test new scents on yourself and your SO?

    A friend of mine said his wife does this. I was the first I had heard about it, but it makes sense:
    When considering a new perfume, she will test it not only on her skin, but on his. As he put it, "When you get close, it gets on you, too" The idea being that if the fragrance turns into something rank on his skin, it would be unsuitable.

    Is this something you do? Have you heard of it before? Even had your SO do the reverse and try his stuff on you?

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    My 3year old daughter insists on helping me sample, which is fine with me if the scent is light. mr.tinker isn't into fragrance so I don't try to put in on him. He doesn't ask me to play Final Fantasy, I don't ask him to wear Pink Sugar. It's a very happy relationship I ordered him a sample of the original Gendarme, but kept it without telling him it arrived, and I have worn his MOJO by Gendarme. He never uses it so I do.

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    Never, to all of the questions. It wouldn't even occur to me to test my fragrance on him, because he's not going to wear it Perhaps it might rub off on him, but likely it would just get on his clothes or hair. I wouldn't wear a fragrance around him that he hated, so it shouldn't be an issue for him.

    Any scents I love that he doesn't I wear privately. And he wouldn't wear a fragrance that I hated, either.

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    Err... nope. :-?

    If dear Mr. Tigs wants to try something (he usually doesn't, but if and when he wants to find a new scent he asks me to pick some candidates for him to try), I'll give him a spritz but he's certainly not a guinea pig for my scents.
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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    My husband suffers from anosmia so It would be a complete
    waste of time. He compliments me on the way I look and I
    just say "I smell nice too.!" I choose his EDT's of course, as he
    has no idea what they smell like. Now you see why I need
    Basenotes so much...
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    The only thing my husband will let me test on him is a culinary recipe. He's not really into fragrance. He wears fragrance occasionally for dress up, but not on a daily basis. He complains when I wear perfume in the house. He believes it's for going "out". He's a pain in the arse about it frankly. I can imagine what he would say if I asked to test my fragrance on him. :-D

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    i spray fragrances on my girlfriend all the time and vice versa. she can accomodate many of them - arms , legs, etc. *she likes it and and it helps me a lot.

    "spray me" she says. *
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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    Mr. musse is normally a patient man, but when it comes to things involving the "f-word" (f=fragrance, in this case), I`ve been clearly informed that he would be very happy if I kept this hobby away from him. He got tired of my "three-times-a-day"-questions about how he thought my SotD was smelling. He doesn`t care a bit for frags, and I don`t care.
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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    sometimes i do this if we're not going out anywhere just out of curiousty to see if they will smell any differently on her than me, I also do this to my mom sometimes.. she becomes the gineau pig for most of the blends i make myself

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    Default Re: do you test new scents on yourself and your SO

    At first, my boy thought all the perfume stuff was weird, but then he gradually became more and more curious and started letting me spray things on him. I don't think he personally cares how he smells, and honestly, I don't either, but it's pretty cute that he's so willing to indulge my mania.

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