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    Default Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    I looked up Sacrebleu for another post, and naturally that made me interested and I got myself a sample.

    top: fresh green note, black currant, carnation

    mid: raspberry, peach blossom, Indian jasmine, hyacinth, tuberose

    base: amber, vanilla, tonka bean, cinnamin, clove, Yemenese incense

    I said "Comments seem to say a well blended, peachy, spicy tuberose on a vanilla and incense base."

    That is not what I experienced! And I'm so impressed! I've not experienced many (any?) carnation scents, but somehow I feel

    I started at the top. This strikes me as a must have. It's fresh, airy, clean, but not soapy in the least. The clear carnation is softened

    by the powdery warmth of vanilla and tonka bean. It seems simple, but it's got a bit of heady depth that must come from the jasmine

    tuberose, but my nose still says carnation. Albeit, a more delightful version that I've ever come across. The dry down hangs on to

    floral sense and the incense brings a little touch of darker mystery to a soft , slightly powdery vanilla.

    People have been posting about perfect summer scents, and discoveries of the year--- and now I have a new one!

    I'd love to hear who else likes this fragrance, and what they smell in it! And what they like about it, what they think about heh,

    you get my enthusiastic drift, don't you? [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu


    I haven't tried it but I want to. Very interesting to see the house of Guerlain continue with Patricia de Nicolai. Love the name (a French swear word - so amusing). The ingredients also look interesting. A recommendation from Shycat is also a reason to consider this scent. I am poised to try this one soon.


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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    sacrebleu is a real masterpiece i really love it at first smell

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    Another fan here

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    Sacrebleu is simply stunning.
    Currently wearing: The Wendol by Blackbird

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    Do you other fans think of it as a carnation fragrance? Or am I just sensitive to this note, perhaps because it's 'new' to me?
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    My experiences with the succulent Sacrebleu rarely mesh with the reviews of it that I read.
    First of all, when I first apply it, it is a bright, almost effervescent blast that reminds me much of the old-fashioned Easter candies of yore -- the hard, candy coated 'marsmallow' candies that come in a variety of colors -- the blue and the green having a scent much like what I smell from Sacrebleu's opening.
    Those top notes last a long time on me, and when it finally settles down, it is the most mouth-watering vanilla that I have a long time. Not awfully sweet or foody, but mouth-watering, nevertheless. The incense mixes with it to create a base that lasts and lasts, and deepens not to a heavy scent as is often written of in reviews, but something more complex than just vanilla and incense, and the incense is light and clean.
    Again, it has been written this is a fragrance for cooler months.
    I disagree with that, and have found it perfect for Spring, and look forward to wearing it in the Summer. *

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    I always find it an extremely elegant, ladylike scent. I believe it's one of Catherine Deneuve's favourites, and that says it all really. V.V. french, v.v. elegant. And smells expensive.

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    Default Re: Woo Hoo Sacrebleu

    I tried this scent today at sephora and gardenia immediately came to my mind. It was on the display where demeter fragrances are.

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