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    Default Thoughts on my new samples (and more)

    OK, so I received some samples from Luckyscent today. I was not too thrilled with any of them, but I plan to give them all another chance and post any new thoughts, of course.

    1. Renee Snow Peach--Oh heavens, about ten minutes after spraying this on, it turned absolutely rancid on my skin. It smelled like something mossy gone wrong. After that stage, it dried down to a soft, unextraordinary peach scent. A natural peach scent though, not the typical fakey kind.

    2. Lola fragrance oil--Oh no. I was really looking forward to this one too. It smelled like I had rubbed some lard on my skin. I could faintly smell something else, but it was so faint I couldn't tell what. All I could smell was Crisco. Then NOTHING.

    3. Bahiana by MPG--the only winner of the four I sampled this evening. I really like this scent--very fresh and summery. It reminded me of a fancier Light Blue in a way. Just really lovely overall.

    4. And I am saving the worst for last. Le Maroc pour elle by Tauer Perfumes. Before I launch into my very ugly review of this perfume, let me say that I know I am in the minority--I checked out reviews on mua and luckyscent. People seem to really dig on this perfume. Here are my thoughts: upon first spray, PLASTIC. That lasted for several minutes until I got to the next stage that seems to be its final stage as well. OK, those of you with pets will know EXACTLY what i am talking about. You know how the vet's office smells? And how your pet will smell for a day or so after picking them up after a night at the vet? It is like this universal vet scent--I don't know if it is some sort of pet shampoo or what, but it is a scent I hate. This perfume smells exactly like that. Like I just went to the vet for a flea dip or something. VOM!

    On a side note, I would like to vent about my experiences with UPS and Neiman Marcus I had today: I ordered some empty sample vials a while back. They are being delivered via UPS. Well, because I have been working in a different city, I missed all the delivery attempts to my home. I contacted UPS and arranged to have the package rerouted to me in the city where I am working. In their confirmation email, they transposed two of the numbers in the address. I contacted them to correct it but the package was already out for delivery! The UPS rep assured me they contacted the driver and informed him of the proper address. But sure enough I didn't get the package. I checked the tracking and there is a message that reads "UPS cannot deliver to a nonexistent address." So frustrating. So, Shycat, don't hold your breath for those Tiffany samples!!!

    As for Neiman's--I ordered some makeup from them and, holy lord, NO SAMPLES. Not a one. What in the f is that all about??

    Very disappointing day frag- and beauty-wise

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    Default Re: Thoughts on my new samples (and more)

    Today was package day for me, too.

    I got my samples from Aedes as expected, but they went sideways on me: The didn't have Blenheim Bouquet and instead included three other samples. My motivation for this batch was to examine the Ambers. Included was Amber Extreme (L'Artisan Parfumeur), Ambre Precieux (Maitre Parfumeur and Gantier), and Ambre Sultan (Serge Lutens). I'll definitely be following up on my earlier post once I've completed testing.

    I too had a weird package event. I had ordered a newer, faster, larger CF card for my digital camera to take to F1 in Indianapolis. They sent me a Canon Rebel XT as well! I double-checked my email confirmation: CF card, no camera body. I looked at the packed slip: lists both items, prices for both items, but only charged for the one. How very strange. So I'll definitely be watching for my credit card statement, I'll be expecting an email. I double-checked and since they sent it Fedex not USPS, I don't think 39USC3009 (unordered merchandise) applies. I'm still split between phoning/emailing them to let them know of their mistake and waiting to see if they miss it.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on my new samples (and more)

    Enjoyed your reviews! LOL at vet scent! :-) As for delivery/communications glitches - is Mercury retrograde or what? :-/

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    Default Re: Thoughts on my new samples (and more)

    I got samples in Friday's mail, too.

    1) Perfumerie Generale: Cuir Venenum (opens with a Ginestet-like accord which gets in the way of the leather for me; also smells decidedly masculine).
    2) Perfumerie Generale: Musc Maori (chocolate is too obvious, was hoping it was more of an orchestra of notes rather than a solo act).
    3) Perfumerie General: Coze (sort of okay, whoops, nope, here comes somethng akin to cloves--I bail).
    4) L'Artisan: L'Eau de Navigateur (that's not bad, but it's alledged coffee qualities don't compete with Black Vetyver Cafe's).
    5) Serge Lutens: Datura Noir (ah, the reviews were right, it's too faint to be decant-worthy).
    6) VIP Room (sampled this before and a second sampling is still good, but I now notice more of a barroom quality than boardroom quality to this high-priced leather scent).
    7) Keiko Mecheri: Loukhoum (too, too, too, too much sweetness surrounds me like a cloud)

    As far as complaints go, beat this one: After member Sjas (who's sending me my beloved Mathias L'Eau de Figue) contacted me to say the P.O. will not allow him to use their Click-N-Ship function because my address does not exist in their databank, I finally grabbed Uncle Sam by his red-white-and-blue lapels and asked if he couldn't possibly nail down the street name on which our 138-year-old residence sits (they've renamed this old road three different ways in the past few years). Uncle Sam--actually a very nice postal rep by the name of Randy--has gone into a full-blown investigation. Seems the county and state authorities failed to deliver any of this information to the U.S. government over the years. Ha! Scandal!
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