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    Default L'Erbolario (Italy)

    I discovered, in Italy, a fabulous company that makes natural perfumes- I found their shop near Verona. Their Muschio Bianco is something else! Anyone seen these products outside of Italy? Any others have these, and opinions of them, I'd like to try some more. I'm saving my euros for another trip....

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Hi Elf!

    I am glad you have discovered L'Erbolario.
    When I was living in Italy I used to be a big fan and still are. Their products are just wonderful and good value for money. They started as a small company in northern Italy like twenty years ago and went from success to success due to the quality of the ingredients and the unfassy packaging. I would not know whether, for example, they are available in the UK, still I always stock up whenever I go back to my Homecountry, it is really worthwhile.
    I particularly like their Iris and Green Tea line. I am sure you will become "valued" customer as well!


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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Grazie, Violette! I'm going back to Garda in a few weeks and I'm going to stock up! Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try them. 8-) I did notice they have a small web site with a Philadelphia address included for US orders- they can be googled.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    I see you know almost all about L'erbolario. I know them well to as this company is from Lodi, very close to Milan. Good quality products and nice packages. You can find almost all kind of soliflowers and some spices among the bath lines. Don't know much about their selling points overseas though.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Here ya go...

    I got hooked on the black tea for a while...

    Ooooooo! Look! An Iris perfume!


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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    They have them here next to the Adidas line..... :-? what do they know, I ask??

    L'erbolario has fabulous nostalgic packaging making it worth buying if only for it. But the scents are also very nice : love their iris, muscchio bianco, caprifoglia (honeysuckle) and an oriental one with the exotic landscape scetched on the box in sepia.(can't recall the name)

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Hi All. I just wanted to mention to all the L'Erbolario fans out there that I found a website that sells L'Erbolario products onilne and is based in the US. I used a 10% off coupon so, for anyone interested, the store is and the coupon code for is SAVE10PERCENT.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    As technically challenged as I am, I could not find any fragrances apart from creams on your site. Please advise.

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    Smile Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Hi Twolf!
    You should be able to find all the L'Erbolario perfumes on this page...
    Don't forget the coupon code is SAVE10PERCENT
    Take care,
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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Thanks for the link.

    I understand that you are new and trying to give us the promotional code for the great fragrances that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the US. Thanks for that.
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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Thanks, Carlisle
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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Welcome. You are good now and I have not been reprimanded by the mods. You listen and that's a plus too! :-)

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    L'Erbolario makes some exceptional scents - try Garofano (carnation) Narcisco (narcissus) Petali e Fiori (floral) and Fiori Chiari for starters........


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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Londons Bathecary in Charlottesville, VA has quite a selection of L'Erbolario. If you are in Charlottesville, VA stop by. You can also shop online at You can order other luxurious products on their website also. As of now you must call 434-220-0540 to order L'Erbolario but you can view the products on the website.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Good, checked their website shoplondons with many items. I would like to see the prices before I place a long-distance phone call and I may not be placing this phone call at all, depending on the prices.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    This line looks very good and reasonably priced too. I will start checking these out. Thanks for the heads-up.

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    There is a new site up and running for L'Erbolario. Go to

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    Default Re: L'Erbolario (Italy)

    Nemo est propheta in patria

    IMHO I think Erbolario has'nt great perfumes, pleasant, yes, but not more than that

    BUT, IRIS is exact copy of TEINT DE NEIGE VILLORESI and of Soavissima Profvmvm , but not so expensive.

    Please, only ONE drop on the skin, not more, sillage is very strong
    A, quales ego mane rosas procedere vidi!
    Nascebantur adhuc neque erat par omnibus aetas.

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