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    Default Versace's Blonde Eau Fleurie

    My Blonde Eau Fleurie came in from and is very lovely indeed! The original Blonde was described on MUA like dry champagne, Eau Fleurie is definately sheer in comparison and a tad sweeter.I love both versions, and of course they're discontinued. Original Blonde can be found on lots of sites, but Blonde Eau Fleurie is only at perfumeland, TRUST ME - I SEARCHED!! The site says they're not responsible for international customs seizing perfume orders, so I assume they ship overseas. I did send an Email to perfumeland, asking for a definite answer about overseas shipment but they haven't replied yet. If and when they answer, I'll just update it on this thread instead of starting a new one.

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    Default Re: Versace's Blonde Eau Fleurie

    I've never heard of Blonde Eau Fleurie. But I love the original Blonde. Love the bottle too. I gave mine to my mother because she fell in love with it. Eau Fleurie sounds nice.

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    Default Re: Versace's Blonde Eau Fleurie

    It comes in the same box and bottle as the original, at first my heart dropped because I thought they maybe they sent the original, but it is Eau Fleurie. Last week I was poking through reviews on MUA and the review for this is the very last Versace perfume review, and the reviewer was nice enough to name the store she got it from. I thought I was going to get for $26 from someplace called, but they are sold out, so I ened up ordering from the store in the review. I had entered the wrong exp. date for my card and they were nice enough to call me instead of just declining my order. Highly recommend for their customer service. Prices are good too.

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