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    Default What's similar to Philosophy Amazing Grace?

    Am buying a gift for someone who loves this scent (and yes, she's open to trying new scents, or else I would just get her more Amazing Grace). BUT she is not someone who is ready to be TOO adventurous and would like something in the same vein as Amazing Grace. Something light for summer would be good.


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    Default Re: What's similar to Philosophy Amazing Grace?

    Hi there!
    I typed the notes of Amazing Grace into Basenotes directory and got the
    following perfume matches (similar floral/ citrus notes with musk).
    Dolce et Gabbana
    Rush (Gucci)
    Sun,Moon and Stars (Lagerfeld)
    Love at First Glow

    I think Rush may be too strong for your friend, unless she wants something
    to draw attention to herself.
    Hope this helps.
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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    Default Re: What's similar to Philosophy Amazing Grace?

    I bought Galimard Bon Bon Plume at a Galimard Parfumerie in my sister's town...the first few times I used it, I kept thinking "This reminds me of something"...finally it came to me.....Amazing Grace. Bon Bon Plume isn't very long-lasting, but it's not expensive, your friend could apply often. Hths!

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    Default Re: What's similar to Philosophy Amazing Grace?

    I've been lurking here for awhile now and this is my first post.

    I LOVE Amazing Grace!I'm not sure just what might be similar but a friend told me a couple of days ago that Amazing Grace is going to be discontinued. :'(
    Does anyone know if this is for real?If so,you may want to go ahead and get your friend one now while it's still available.

    If you still want to get her something different how about Lovely or Diors Miss Cherie?

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