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    Default New Beginnings - Fragrance Rehab

    OK . . .

    There is a fragrance that I loved completely, but I had a terrible experience that I came to associate with it. I just saw an amazing deal on the fragrance on Ebay, and bought it.

    Have you ever had such an experience? If so, with what fragrance, and were you ever able to go back to it?

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    I did have the same problem with one fragrance. I've intentionally avoided it for many years, even giving the fragrance counter that carries it a wide berth, so a sales person couldn't even suggest it to me. I won't name the fragrance, as I'm trying to go back to it, but haven't purchased it yet (not sure if I'm ready). I was wearing it when my mother died (rather tragically and very young), and I instantly bring myself back to that moment when I smell it. I would normally just eschew this one forever, but as my mother was the one who originally gave it to me, I have fond and loving associations with it too...

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    Default Re: New Beginnings - Fragrance Rehab

    Fidji by Guy Laroche...I got this from "the love of my life", and also wore it the day he broke up with me. Almost 30 years have passed, but I`m not sure how I would react to a bottle of this one. I have thought of buying it, though...I can very clearly remember the smell (lovely).

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    The smell of Angel on my own skin makes me too sad. I was wearing it when I found out that my friend's infant had passed away. Smelling it on someone else doesn't have any effect on me, but to wear it myself seems...disresectful, that probably doesn't make sense. I think part of the reason I can't wear it is because the day her baby was buried was the same day I found out I was pregnant. Angel is the smell of guilt for me.

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