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    Default EVER SHOP HERE ? They ship worldwide (except for parts of the Middle-east/Africa). I found them searching for Vesace Blonde Fleurie, they also carry Guerlain AA Winter Delice 4.2oz for $26.60 and VW's Boudoir 1oz $28. I haven't placed an order because I've never had them pop up in Google before while perfume hunting. Anyone ever deal with them?

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    Default Re: EVER SHOP HERE

    An interesting site. Thanks for the tip. I didn't
    realise they did a Blonde Eau Fleurie! How doet compare to
    the original?
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    Default Re: EVER SHOP HERE

    I didn't know about it either, but saw a review about it on MUA last night, it's the last Versace fragrance review 2nd page. It was described as a creamier, sweeter tuberose compared to the original. I am DESPERATE to try it, I just never saw the site before though it does seem legit. I hope someone can verify that it's a good place to shop.

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    well, I ordered the Blonde Eau Fleurie and a Boudoir mini. Have my fingers crossed.

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    Default Re: EVER SHOP HERE

    Please keep us posted on both the frag and this online business. Thanks.
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    I just got an email that both perfumes are sold out. :'( the review on MUA stated that she bought it www., but I think I'll troll www. for something else, I love their prices.

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    Default Re: EVER SHOP HERE

    Today I placed an order for Blonde Eau Fleurie at I hope they have it because it's become a personal challenge to get my hands on this scent. Fingers still crossed. 8-)

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