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    Default Strange Invisible Perfumes

    Anyone ever try Strange Invisible Perfumes? It is the MOST annoying website EVER, but the scents themselves seem interesting. Oh, they want $7 per sample or $185 1/4 ounce.

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    ITA; the website is a nightmare. It certainly doesn't take into consideration that some of us have age-related vision issues. Clearly, lots of $$ was spent on it. The owner, and creator of the scents, Alexandra Balahoutis, is the daughter of movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer so I suspect he may have helped her find a fancy-shmancy web designer.
    I've tried a few of the scents thanks to generous swappers who included some in packages to me. The only one I've tried so far that I'd consider buying is Narcotic. I haven't tried Lady Day yet but I understand it is exceptionally good.
    I keep meaning to visit the store when I'm in the neighborhood but haven't yet.

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible Perfumes

    I read about Lady Day on NOWSMELLTHIS and was sad to see that LD isn't on the product list. That's funny you mentioned age related vision, that's the first thing that popped in my head on that site! ;D

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