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    Default Cartier Delices

    Hi everybody!
    I thought I'd ask for some enlightenment regarding the new Cartier Delices... It was such a let down for me, all I get is a plasticky sweety note that reminds me of a fruit syllabub and the dry-down is pure, pungent vanilline, the same I used to smell in the kitchen as a child while my mom was baking a pie. Am I just missing something? Frankly... who would want to smell like a birthday cake?


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    Haven't tried this yet, but from your comments I maybe won't bother!
    I love and have Le Baiser du Dragon, so was expecting Les Delices to
    be special too. We already have enough gourmand bake-a-like fragrances
    out there.
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    Default Re: Cartier Delices

    Kewart, you read my mind!
    I do appreciate Le Baiser du Dragon as well, pity that Cartier have decided to jump on the bandwagon.... I would still be interested to hear different opionions about Delices...


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    BORING ! At least my beloved, sweet Pink Sugar is a somewhat interesting concotion with all it's cheap, sugary in-your-face sluttiness ;D.

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    Default Re: Cartier Delices

    Well, I do like fruity florals, and I loved Cartier Delices. It is not teeny-bopperish, and had a lovely cherry note that was not medicinal (hard to accomplish).

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    I too love and now own a big bottle of Le Baiser du Dragon compliments of my sister (She always gives the best b-day gifts )

    However, Cartier Delices was less interesting to me, by far... simply just not as distinctive... and yet, not quite as bubble-gummy as so far described (at least to me...)

    It's a gourmand but not in the way that Pink Sugar and Angel and Fantasy are.... it is indeed more grow-up and just a tab bit more serious... but while Pink Sugar to me screams FUN FUN FUN... and Fantasy is almost 'edible'.... Cartier Delices was.... well... sort of boring!

    Let's just say that while on vacation a few weeks ago I got seven bottle of fragrances and while I was so excited and anxious to try it... it was just a let down and I easily skipped it!
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