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    Default Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    OK, I recently purchased the edp, which I love; however, my purse atomizer full of the edt leaked (every last drop of it!) in my purse, and every time I open my purse and catch a whiff, I think I am more in love with the edt.

    It seems more people prefer the edp version. Anyone have thoughts on this topic?

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    I had a hell of a decision on these two. I went for EdP, mainly because it was still winter, and also because sampling Stella on the other wrist revealed the rose note in NR EdP. I found EdT a bit fresher. I think if you want to wear it in summer, then definitely edt. I have worn edp ONCE since April, it just doesn't fit the spring air. But then, the oil is the ultimate scent for me, but it was too expensive, or seemed to be :-/ The guy knows his business
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    Agree, I have both, for some reason really prefer the edt and have finished about three bottles of the edt. Love the fragrance and always get compliments. The edp won the FIFI this year and I think the edt won it two years ago. Both great fragrances, this is one time I prefer the edt, the other is Chanel Gardenia which has no edp, good luck [smiley=chanel.gif]

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    I just today received a bottle of the edt in a swap. I tried it on my wrist right away of course. :-) At first, it seemed a little sharp, but that dissipated and I was left with a very pretty, soft fragrance on my skin. I think I'm going to enjoy this over the summer. Now I will have to try the others to compare.

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    I prefer the EdT... lately, though, I've been getting a weird menthol-y note from it that I never got before. It smells almost like Carmex, that lip balm in the little white pot with the yellow lid that skiers use.

    Anyone else smell this in Narciso Rodriguez?

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    Now, I get the "Carmex note" from the EDP. With me it's more of a vanilla-menthol. I've never tried the EDT as I was bullied into purchasing the EDP by the sales assistant. "You zont vant zees toilette! PARFUM eez better zdrengt!" LOL yeah, only because it costs more...LOL [smiley=grin.gif]

    I liked it when I bought it, but I have to admit, I am not often compelled to wear it as often as I should. I wonder how the oil is, though.

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    I don't know, I thought more people preferred the edt. On me, the edt is a very strong sweet honey musk which I didn't care for. I have the edp, which smells better on my skin (it has rose and peach notes) and the Musc for Her oil parfum roll-on (which I can't smell on my skin, darn!)

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    Will be getting the EDT in a makeupalley swap soon, so I'll be able to really see which one suits me better. I really like both, I think, but we'll see...

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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    The EdP stinks to high heaven on me- I rarely say this about perfumes but I have to be honest and say I found it revolting. Mostly it was such a surprise because the EdT is quite lovely on me- soft, smooth, musky with a hint of sweetness. I figured the EdP would be more of a good thing. Not so with my chemistry though!
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    Default Re: Narciso Rodriguez edp v. edt

    The edp is definitely NOT as good as the edt; they do not have the same notes as many of the sales ladies at various stores have insisted. Many fragrances come in both but are essentially the same and the edp is usually just stronger. But Narciso Rodriguez is not one of those, even though both the edp and edt are deceptively named "For Her". I recently decided that I would only buy perfumes that come in the edp form because edps typically last longer, but was surprised to find that the edt version of Narciso Rodriguez is not only much much much better, it actually lasts longer than the edp!! Very strange. So it looks like I'll have to make an exception! Also, while the edt seems to envelope me all day and pulses out with dripping sweet honey (fabulously sexy!!), the edp is simply flat. I just don't like it. I was actually surprised that I responded to the edt with such passion since I usually don't like strong, musk-heavy, oriental type scents, but it was just so damn sexy that I found myself craving it and couldn't wait to put it on. The edp, however, was just plain boring; nothing to write home about. I've been trying out scents for a while now to find a signature scent but haven't found one that I like exclusively (there are so many!) but I must say this is one that I really like for myself because it seduces me like nothing else and makes me happy and lusty; I, for once, don't care what others will think about this because its value for me is purely about me... sound weird?... just you try it!

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