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    Default How would you classify these...

    I have purchased two fragrances I absolutely love because they smell delish and don't make me sneeze. *
    This is what *I* smell:
    Cucumber Baie by Fresh Index *- Lovely clean, not citrusy, but green
    Calypso Mimosa by Christiane Celle - slightly sweet and flowery at first but with a deep, hm , is it leathery smell that holds it down?

    I haven't seen a lot of commentary about either one of these, and none about Calypso Mimosa. *How would you categorize these scents?
    Do you know of any fragrances that might be similar with a longer sillage? *I would love to have these scents, or very similar types of smell combos that last a lot longer. *

    Maybe it sounds crazy, but I combine these two and they work. *I only tried that because I had a hard time choosing. *

    I just love that.. whatever it is... that heavy note under the Calypso Mimosa. *It's got that Oomph. *

    Would love your feedback. *

    Pepper *:

    modified to add:
    I also bought Panthere by Cartier, but I think I made a mistake. I had tried the Eau Legere by Cartier and that was the smell I think I fell in love with. Bad when you try two at a time and buy the wrong one. I was going for that soapy green smell and instead ended up with the heavy Panthere scent. Doesn't smell bad, just out of date. It doesn't speak to me anyways...

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    Default Re: How would you classify these...

    I love Index Cucumber Baie! Quarry pointed it out to me, and I am forever grateful. I have a decant of Calypso Mimosa, too.

    Cucumber Baie (baie means bay--as in bay laurel, and in this case laurel berries) It's a green, fruity, musk. Pretty unique!

    notes: watermelon, grapefruit, cucumber pulp, berry musk--- according to Sephora

    Calypso Mimosa by Christiane Celle It's a green, floral musk.

    notes: mimosa, green leaves, jasmine, rose, soft musk

    I think the heavy undernote that you describe liking in CM is a slightly indolic jasmine note. Nothing jumps to my mind as combining the notes of both scents--but maybe someone else will have some ideas. Hope that helps!

    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: How would you classify these...

    Thank you for responding ShyCat.

    I guess my question wasn't posed properly. But I appreciate the descriptions. I just can't reconcile the description of Calypso Mimosa, with the smell of jasmine to any which I've ever been exposed. Indolic... as in indolin? resinous? I guess that would apply in this case if the jasmine is brought down to a very heavy scent in this way. I guess I'm still unfamiliar with these things yet.

    I'd love to try out some others with this kind of quality, there's something about it very attractive to me. The combination with green and floral is also very, very appealing.

    Any suggestions out there?


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    Default Re: How would you classify these...

    I hesitated to re-reply since I misinterpreted your question once, already. But I got over it!

    Bluebell by Penhaligon uses a lot of galbanum to get a fresh green hyacinth scent. It's pretty striking--you do smell like a cut hyacinth.

    Kai is a divine green gardenia--lasts a looong time, being an oil. Creamy but not heavy.

    Philosykos by Diptyque is green fig (I suppose fig in general is a green note)

    Vert Violet by L'Artisan is a green, non-powdery violet

    A la Nuit by Serge Lutens is a gorgeous green leaning jasmine, with the lightly anamalic/indolic quality, and benzoin and musk in the base.

    I don't have any others with watermelon or cucumber, but that green watery feel makes me think of the aquatic category, or at least of waterlillies and lotus blossoms.

    Is this more the answer you had in mind? Cuz I was looking around in the directory for direction, and now I want to try Spirit of the Moonflower by the Body Shop! ;D

    Please, spritz responsibly.

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