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    Default A long lasting LOTV scent

    I am on the search for a long lasting lily-of-the-valley scent. Is there even such a thing? Doirissimo doesn't last, so I'm assuming what I need is a blend that has a LOTV note instead of a soliflore scent. Anyone one know a scent that has a strong LOTV note and is long lasting? Non-niche prefered, they seem to last longer. THANK YOU!!

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    Tinker, have you tried the pure parfum yet? Diorissimo is the most complex lily of the valley I ever smelled, and has in it other notes that do keep the scent longer. They are more apparent in the pure parfum - amongst them - boronia, jasmine, sandalwood, and civet, which holds everything together and make it last for a long time. I would suggest hunting down the pure parfum, and if you already have the EDT - layer it for an extra sillage.

    I tried many LOTV scents, and Diorissimo is in my opinion THE BEST in any respects.
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    Default Re: A long lasting LOTV scent

    Thank you Ayala! I didn't know Diorissimo had a pure parfume form!

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