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    Default "Stinky feet" accord

    I'm sampling MPG's Tubereuse, which came from Perfumebay yesterday. One of the reasons I wanted to try it was because good things were mentioned on Makeupalley about it, but I smell somewhere in the notes... STINKY FEET. I just got out of the shower, so I KNOW it's not my feet. Anyway, it smells like awful. :'( Maybe Perfumebay sent me an old sample. Now I have to take another * f-word* shower!

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    I am very surprised. MPG Tubereuse has been my long time lemming that is very difficult to get even on Ebay and is very expensive. I read only excellent reviews about it and Now Smell This evaluated it as one of the best tubereuse scents. Hmm................

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    I think that, even if it is known that the tuberose flower smell can have some affinities with body odour (it is a carnal smelling flower), perhaps you have received a bad sample or... you definitely don't like tuberose ;D.

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    Default Re: "Stinky feet" accord

    I think that the 2 Tubereuse samples were old, 1 smelled like feet, the other smelled of pure alcohol. I am not too sad because my MPG Jardin Blanc was lovely- tuberose was definately present in it. Oh, I do like tuberose , Waldermar in fact, I've been on a tuberose bender lately ;D!

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    Default Re: "Stinky feet" accord

    Call PerfumeBay and ask for another sample and tell them, they are very nice, good luck [smiley=chanel.gif]

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    Default Re: "Stinky feet" accord

    I should let them know, but...I'm just too shy to call and complain. I ended up with an itchy rash from it and I NEVER have reactions to perfumes. I think that helg's recommendation of Versace Blonde is my HG tuberose anyway.

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