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    Default Another vacation report

    Mine is not nearly the quality of Quarry's, but here is what I came back with:

    Narciso Rodriguez edp (the refillable purse atomizer filled with the edt I was given at Nordstrom completely leaked in my purse, though)

    Elizabeth W Sweet Tea edp

    Violette Angel gift set (lotion and edp)

    I tested Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly and really liked it but I had to draw the line somewhere.

    When I got back last night, I sprayed Elizabeth W on one thigh, Narciso on the other, and Violette Angel on the back of my neck so my boyfriend could give his opinion on each. He loved all three but his loud "mmmmmm!" when he sniffed the Violette Angel pretty much indicated that is his favorite out of the three!

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    Default Re: Another vacation report

    Where did you travel on your vacation?
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    Default Re: Another vacation report

    This time of a year again. We are going on a trip to Illinois (could have been worse, could have been Paris, TX ;D) for Mr.Timberwolf's grandpa's birthday the last weekend of May.

    Two other Basenoters were travelling to Paris (France) that past week. They might even have met each other without realizing it! I am awaiting their scented reports too, please! :-*

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    Default Re: Another vacation report

    I was in San Francisco (and surrounding areas) and also Carson City.

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