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    Default PdN Eau de Lude?


    I'm new to Basenotes and I need some advice!

    I'm considering buying Eau de Lude by Parfums de Nicolai, but I haven't been able to find a sample. *Does anyone out there have opinions of this particular fragrance? *I tend toward greens, and I'd like something soft and meadowy. *

    Thanks so much! *I've lurked around this site for a couple months and I always look forward to visiting.


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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    Eryn, I'm not familiar with this scent at all (sorry), but just wanted to welcome you to Basenotes! There are so many knowledgeable people here, I'm sure someone will jump in with the information you need.

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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    Hi Erin, and welcome! BeautyHabit ( has a great sample program and they have Eau de Lude and the full line of Nicolai fragrances.

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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    Thanks for the welcomes and the website suggestion! I'm going to check out their samples now.


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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    I bought it for my ladyfriend in Paris last year (it was on sale - 28 Euros).
    It's an unusual, tangy, citrusy strong scent that lasted all day on her (it has one particularly sharp note we can't identify).
    She said it changed a bit during the course of the day.
    She mainly uses it in summer.

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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    Thanks so much, Renato!

    It sounds even more intriguing to me now. Reading the word "unusual" won me over.


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    Default Re: PdN Eau de Lude?

    I have a hard time explaining it because I haven't smelled it for quite a while. But Eau de Lude didn't seem a "nice" scent to me, like say Eau De Rochas or Eau de Hadrien or the other Annick Goutal citrus ones. From memory it had a sharp, harsh note which to me was "not really nice", that made it unusual compared to most others.

    Anyhow, those are my recollected impressions. I hope they're of some use - but get the sample first if you can. Your perception may well be totally different to mine.

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