Name: *Alabaster, Jade and Rosewood.
Brand: Banana Republic (Gap/Inter Parfums)

Alabaster: Floral.
Nose: Honorine Blanc (Firmenich).
-Top:lotus flower.
-Heart of wild rose.
-Basenote of white amber.

Jade: Fruity-floral.
Nose: Beatrice Piquet (IFF).
-Top: tropical grenade.
-Heart: musky cotton flower.
-Basenote: kashmir wood.

Rosewood: Floral-Oriental.
Nose: Pascal Gaurin (IFF).
-Top: bergamot champagne.
-Heart: white tea leaves.
-Basenote: white amber.

Alabaster's glass bottle is intended to resemble a teardrop, Jade's an acorn and Rosewood's a sensual pebble.
Launch: september/october.

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